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P2E Crypto Raises $2.7 Million, & 2 Other Crypto Projects Worth Watching

New crypto projects pop up almost daily on different blockchains, but not all of them are exceptional or offer real value. Recently, a new P2E crypto has been turning heads with its unique gaming model that cleverly combines various applications with entertainment. That’s right – we’re talking about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). Alongside other promising projects like Sui ($SUI) and Celestia ($TIA), Galaxy Fox is increasingly being seen as one of the best altcoins to buy in Q1 2024.

Galaxy Fox Market Performance

Galaxy Fox has quickly made a name among the best ICO crypto projects, having successfully sold over 2.3 billion $GFOX tokens and raised more than $2.7 million. The project’s early fundraising success shows it has won the market’s confidence. The price of $GFOX, which began at $0.00066, has increased to $0.00198. This quick 200% rise is a clear indication of growing interest from investors.

The rise of $GFOX doesn’t stop here. There are three more presale stages planned, with each stage set to see a price increase. This presents current investors with an exceptional opportunity to acquire the token at a lower price and benefit from the price surge later. Also, there’s a temporary 15% bonus on initial investments, increasing $GFOX’s appeal to participants.

Galaxy Fox combines elements of play-to-earn gaming and meme coin appeal, centered around an engaging runner game that attracts users with financial incentives. Beyond the game, Galaxy Fox offers a comprehensive ecosystem with features like staking rewards for all token holders and a token burn mechanism to reduce supply, potentially enhancing token value gradually. 

The proactive approach of the Galaxy Fox Treasury in ecosystem development positions the platform well for future growth, especially in favorable market conditions.

Sui Network Overview

Recently, $SUI, a token created by Mysten Labs, has been making headlines, reaching a record high of $1.45. This surge has elevated $SUI’s market capitalization to over $1.5 billion, positioning it as the 51st largest digital asset in the market. 

Even with a slight decrease to $1.40, $SUI has maintained an impressive growth of over 120% in the last 30 days. This increase in $SUI’s value is closely linked to significant developments within the ecosystem.

The Sui network has also experienced a substantial rise in decentralized exchange trading activity, with transactions exceeding $350 million. Additionally, the total value locked on the Sui network increased considerably, reaching nearly $341 million.

Overall, what was one of the best ICO presales last year is one of the best altcoins to buy in 2024. Today, Sui is among the most innovative layer-1 blockchain and smart contract platforms designed to increase digital asset ownership. Its unique object-centric model, built on the Move programming language, allows for parallel execution and sub-second finality, accommodating various on-chain assets. This technical innovation plays a crucial role in driving $SUI’s recent performance in the market.

What Drives Celestia?

The $TIA token from Celestia, known for its modular blockchain platform, also achieved a massive milestone by surpassing the $20 mark. $TIA has been on a growing trajectory since the end of last October when its mainnet beta was launched. In total, it surged more than tenfold and still continues its bullish run.

The journey of $TIA in the market gained momentum when Bitget, a major cryptocurrency exchange, first listed the token. This step played a crucial role in making $TIA more accessible to a wider market. Not long after, Binance, recognized as the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, also added $TIA to its listings in November, further boosting the token’s visibility and market reach.

The total value of contracts involving $TIA across the network has recently hit an impressive $214 million, with Binance holding a significant portion of $85 million.

The trading volume of $TIA in the spot market has been striking as well, confidently listing $TIA among the best altcoins to invest in in the first quarter of 2024.


In the crypto market, where fresh ideas are always in demand, even during the presale stage (like was the case with $SUI), Galaxy Fox is making waves. It’s a unique combination of play-to-earn gaming and meme coin charm, and that’s catching people’s attention. For anyone searching for the best altcoins to buy, Galaxy Fox is becoming a go-to, mainly thanks to its fast-increasing price model and all-but guaranteed profits. 

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