Pika Protocol Announces Retirement of Pika Token And Shifts Focus
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Pika Protocol Announces Retirement of Pika Token

  • Pika Protocol has announced the retirement of its native PIKA token, transitioning to operate without a native cryptocurrency and focusing on enhancing its decentralized leverage trading platform.
  • PIKA token holders are provided with a structured process to redeem their tokens for Ethereum (ETH), with the protocol dedicating resources to facilitate this exchange and planning future operations without token-based incentives.

Pika Protocol, a decentralized leverage trading platform, has announced the retirement of its native PIKA coin, which is a big event. The decision, which was inspired by community feedback and lengthy deliberation, represents a watershed moment in the protocol’s strategy. The Pika team has laid out a detailed plan for the token’s retirement, including information on how holders can exchange their PIKA for Ethereum (ETH).

Redeeming PIKA: A Step-by-Step Procedure

Pika Protocol has established a systematic procedure for PIKA token holders to trade their tokens for ETH. The move effectively dissolves the PIKA token, leaving the platform without a local cryptocurrency. The redemption process is based on a set exchange rate of about 0.0001632 ETH per PIKA, which is roughly $0.34 at the time of the announcement.

Pika has assigned a significant quantity of ETH, specifically 3,538 ETH, to Uniswap v3 to enable the trade. The allocation is limited to a single tick range, resulting in a more efficient redemption procedure. For the following six months, token holders will be able to redeem their PIKA. Following this period, any residual funds will be used to further the development of the Pika Protocol.

The exchange rate was rigorously calculated, taking into consideration the overall circulating supply of PIKA, including prospective esPIKA redemptions, as well as the initial 4,696 ETH raised during the PIKA Token Generation Event (TGE) in May 2023, plus earnings from stETH. The assessment also included six months of operating costs, such as protocol-owned liquidity, dispute incident settlement, and other operational charges.

Background and Rationale Behind the PIKA Protocol Decision

Pika, which was founded in 2021, has been a major player in decentralized leverage trading, focused on an OP native platform. Since its introduction, the protocol has seen four major modifications and a staggering $2 billion in trade activity. The May 2023 PIKA TGE was a critical milestone in establishing PIKA as a utility token to incentivise protocol alignment.

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Despite these accomplishments, the PIKA token’s impact on the protocol’s growth has been negligible. Concerns and suggestions from the community suggested that the token may not be successfully motivating growth or harmonizing holder interests. The discovery prompted the decision to withdraw the PIKA token, which was deemed the best way forward for the system.

Pika’s Future: A Tokenless Path

With the retirement of the PIKA coin, the Pika Protocol will operate without a native token. The decision makes no modifications to the trading platform or the USDC vault, which will continue to operate normally.

The retirement of the PIKA token affects esPIKA staking as well. Holders can convert their esPIKA to PIKA based on their current vesting status, and a new interface will be available soon to help with the process. Furthermore, all PIKA staking and incentives will be discontinued, and stakeholders are urged to unstack and swap their PIKA for ETH.

It intends to modify the existing trading fee discount structure, eventually eliminating the need for PIKA staking. The change is part of Pika Protocol’s larger strategy to continue advancing its purpose in the absence of a native token, based on its proven track record of success in the pre-token period.


The retirement of the PIKA token represents a fundamental change in the trajectory of the Pika Protocol. The team wishes to thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the protocol, recognizing the hard work that has resulted in a platform positioned to make a lasting influence in the decentralized finance arena. As it begins a new chapter, Pika Protocol is committed to its aim of providing innovative solutions in decentralized leverage trading.

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