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Players are fleeing the Axie Infinity game, As Discord account gets hacked

The MEE6 bot on Axie Infinity’s main server was hacked on Wednesday, according to the company. The hackers, according to the team, utilized the MEE6 bot to grant access to a fake Jiho account and make phony mint announcements.

MEE6 is a Discord bot that allows admins to assign and revoke responsibilities as well as deliver messages automatically.

Similar concerns plagued several projects that have the MEE6 bot installed on their servers. The admin accounts of RTFKT, PROOF/Moonbirds, PXN, Memeland, and Cool Cats, among others, have been compromised.

Compromised MEE6 Discord Bot

The announcements indicating an unique mint, according to Axie Infinity, have been removed. However, some users may continue to receive the notification and may need to restart Discord. According to the Axie Infinity team:

The team will continue to update its users on the incident via Twitter, Discord, Substack, and Facebook at the same time.

According to MEE6’s official support, MEE6 has not been hacked, but server admins have been infiltrated, allowing attackers to use MEE6 features to send messages.

After the recent Ronin bridge hack, in which $625 million was stolen, the Axie Infinity team and community are having a difficult time. The play-to-earn game’s popularity has plummeted, with many top players abandoning Axie Infinity.

According to Discord security experts, the hackers most likely targeted admin accounts first in order to use the MEE6 reaction role capability to grant an alternate account admin. The technology allows attackers to send webbook messages while hiding the administrator account that has been compromised. Rather than attempting to identify the compromised account, the best solution is to remove MEE6/the webbooks as soon as possible.

Axie Infinite Continues to Fall

The Axie Infinity project appears to be collapsing as a result of delays and hacking. The Axie Infinity group has been enraged by the game’s delays in releasing Land and awards. As the project continues to be hacked, many gamers have quit the game. In the last six months, the price of AXS tokens has dropped from a high of $160 to $20

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