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PM Modi Advocates Global Cryptocurrency Framework and Ethical AI Usage at B20 Summit

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call for a universal cryptocurrency framework and the ethical deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) resonated at the B20 Summit in Delhi, where he also unveiled India’s drive towards Green Credit as a stimulus for planet-positive business actions.

Addressing the summit, Modi underscored the pressing need for a cohesive global approach towards cryptocurrency regulations. With the world gripped by the potential of cryptocurrencies, Modi acknowledged the enthusiasm but emphasized the need to grapple with ethical considerations. He highlighted that as the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to surge, it’s imperative to establish a global framework that addresses these ethical complexities.

Furthermore, Modi didn’t just stop at cryptocurrencies; he broadened the spectrum by spotlighting the ethical deployment of AI. Recognizing AI’s exponential growth and impact, the Prime Minister articulated that while excitement prevails, ethical dilemmas also loom large. For a technology as influential as AI, navigating its ethical nuances within a global context is essential, ensuring responsible and fair application.

In his address, Modi focused on another critical facet: the environment. He highlighted India’s proactive stance in shaping a framework for Green Credit to spur businesses towards eco-friendly practices. With mounting climate concerns, Modi’s call for planet-positive actions is a reminder that economic progress should be intertwined with environmental consciousness.

Modi emphasized the significance of a consumer-centric approach to foster a harmonious marketplace. For a market to flourish sustainably, he stressed the importance of balancing producers’ interests and consumers’ needs, an equilibrium that ensures both profit and societal well-being.

The B20 Summit witnessed Modi’s resonant voice rallying for a holistic approach to global challenges. His visionary stance on cryptocurrencies, ethical AI, environmental responsibility, and balanced markets reverberated as a roadmap for a future where technology, economy, and ethics seamlessly intersect to create a more equitable and sustainable world.


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