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polka-dot neighbourhood Following a failed fundraising bid, PolkaWorld suspends operations.

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Founder Markian Ivanichok of Brushfam has voiced his discontent with the Polkadot ecosystem, asserting that it “neglects its user base” and expressing frustration with its governance procedures.

In a significant development, PolkaWorld, a prominent community within the Polkadot ecosystem, has recently announced a suspension of its activities following the rejection of its proposal to secure funding from Polkadot’s treasury. The organization has raised several concerns regarding the management of the project’s treasury and made a series of assertions in a recent announcement.

In a post shared on PolkaWorld’s official platform, X (formerly Twitter), the organization contends that the treasury management under Polkadot’s newly implemented open governance platform, OpenGov, has been detrimental to long-standing contributors within the Polkadot ecosystem. According to PolkaWorld, numerous organizations are facing rejections from the treasury, resulting in their departure from the Polkadot community.

The organization underscores that the previous governance model featured a council comprised of elected Polkadot holders who possessed expertise in specific domains and were adept at evaluating proposals. PolkaWorld advocates for the integration of this model into the current OpenGov system, wherein governance decisions are directly influenced by tokenholders.

Meanwhile, Markian Ivanichok, the visionary behind the Brushfam platform, which facilitates the onboarding of businesses onto Polkadot, has publicly declared the project’s withdrawal from Polkadot via a thread on X. Ivanichok conveys his frustrations with Polkadot’s governance system, lamenting that obtaining financial support has become “increasingly arduous.”

Within the thread, Ivanichok asserts that garnering recognition for their work has become an insurmountable challenge in an ecosystem that appears to “disregard users, neglect sound business practices, and overlook marketing endeavors.”

Polkadot’s OpenGov system was unveiled earlier this year with the aim of granting every DOT token holder a voice in shaping the platform’s future. Through this system, governance within the network is entrusted to DOT token holders, who actively participate in a voting process to decide the fate of proposals seeking to usher in changes within the ecosystem.

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