Poloniex To Resume Services After $100m Hack With Tron
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Poloniex To Resume Services After $100m Hack With Tron

  • Poloniex is set to resume withdrawals and deposits after a $100 million hack, starting with Tron (TRX).
  • The exchange is enhancing security measures and plans an airdrop campaign in partnership with HTX DAO to rebuild user trust.

Poloniex, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, is set to resume withdrawals and deposits following a substantial security breach. 

The exchange suffered a $100-million hack on November 10, disrupting its operations and causing concern among its users and the broader crypto community. The incident underscores the persistent challenges of cybersecurity in the digital asset space.

Poloniex announced through X (formerly known as Twitter) on November 29 that it would begin a gradual restoration of its services starting November 30. 

The move marks a critical step in the platform’s recovery efforts and signifies its commitment to resuming normal operations while ensuring the safety and security of user funds.

The resumption of services will be executed in phases, with an initial focus on prioritizing user safety. Poloniex has chosen to start the restoration process with Tron (TRX), the cryptocurrency of Justin Sun’s Tron blockchain. 

The strategic decision points to the significance of Tron within the Poloniex ecosystem and possibly reflects the platform’s confidence in the security measures surrounding the particular cryptocurrency.

In addition to restoring withdrawal and deposit functions, Poloniex is actively planning to introduce new cryptocurrency listings. These forthcoming listings are expected to diversify the platform’s offerings and provide users with more options for trading and investment. 

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Poloniex has emphasized the importance of users utilizing newly updated deposit addresses once they become available. The company warned that failing to use these updated addresses could result in deposits not being credited, highlighting the critical nature of adapting to new security protocols in the wake of the hack.

Looking ahead, Poloniex has announced a forthcoming airdrop campaign for its users in collaboration with HTX DAO. The campaign is scheduled to launch in December, with the asset balance calculation commencing on December 1.

The announcement of the airdrop follows Justin Sun’s earlier revelation of the plan on November 24. The tokens for the airdrop will be sourced from a premium project that is yet to be listed on the exchange, with further details to be revealed in December.

The initiative serves as a gesture of goodwill to Poloniex’s user base and as a strategic move to rebuild trust and loyalty following the security breach. It’s also indicative of Poloniex’s efforts to maintain engagement and activity on the platform during its recovery phase.

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The choice to prioritize Justin Sun-founded Tron for withdrawals has been a notable aspect of Poloniex’s announcement, especially considering that Sun-linked crypto platforms, including HTX and Poloniex, have collectively faced four hacks in the past two months, resulting in nearly $240 million in losses. 

The pattern of security breaches raises questions about the vulnerability of these platforms and the efficacy of their protective measures.

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