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Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) Low Presale Price Presents Best Entry For Profit Amid Mild Dump On Celestia (TIA) And Dymension (DYM)


  • Amid the bullish run in the cryptocurrency market, Celestia (TIA) experts expect the DeFi coin price to rise to $39.879 by June.
  • Dymension (DYM) experts believe that DYM could fall to $5.565 by the end of February. 
  • Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) remains the top ICO as it draws closer to its official release on DEXs promising the best ROI.

Recently, previously-rated top altcoins such as Celestia’s TIA have suffered considerable losses whereas the likes of Dymension have thrived over the past few days with no promise of continuity. In light of these, investors have turned to Rebel Satoshi’s $RBLZ, a new meme coin that has taken the crypto market by storm, raising close to $1.5 million during its presale. Let’s look at why TIA and DYM investors are excited about $RBLZ.


Rebel Satoshi Announces Launch Date as It Reaches the Last Presale Phase

Rebel Satoshi is one of the most anticipated meme coins on the market, thanks to its objective to bring real decentralization. Rebel Satoshi is inspired by Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto and wants to bring about a revolution while the Rebel Satoshi revolt relies heavily on its governance token, $RBLZ

Rebel Satoshi has set the $RBLZ supply at 250 million and aims to increase the token’s market capitalization to $100 million. Rebel Satoshi has conducted many rounds of presales for the $RBLZ token as early adopters of Rebel Satoshi and $RBLZ are granted membership in the Rebellion Secret Council, which provides them with several platform privileges. 

The presale for the $RBLZ token has entered its last round, Recusants Round 5, with tokens priced at $0.024 each. Per top ICO experts, the overall price increase in the $RBLZ presale will be 150%, reaching $0.025. Following the presale, Rebel Satoshi plans to launch the $RBLZ token for trading in early March and as a result, analysts say $RBLZ is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now.  



Price Prediction for Celestia: Will TIA Surge After Reaching New Milestone? 

Amid hype around its ecosystem, Celestia’s TIA token set an all-time high, surpassing $20. TIA achieved this feat on January 15 as this milestone follows the successful introduction of the blockchain’s mainnet beta at the end of October last year. Celestia’s path to this accomplishment was characterized by high user involvement, as indicated by the airdrop of TIA tokens to around 580,000 users.

Celestia has fallen in value since this announcement was made on January 15. On January 15, TIA was worth $19.02, falling by 3.73% to $18.31 on February 18. Despite this trend, there is a wide belief among experts that TIA will witness a bullish momentum in 2024 that will see its value rise to $39.88 by summer. This they have attributed to expansion opportunities in the Celestia ecosystem.

Conversely, some experts believe the recent struggles in the Celestia ecosystem will last longer and will result in the value of TIA falling even further to $12.36 by the beginning of March.


Key Dymension Validator Faces Difficulties: Will DYM Fall in February?

On February 6, it was announced that Chorus One, a majority validator at Dymension, encountered node difficulties as the Dymension mainnet launch faced increasing hurdles due to disagreements among its validators.

Chorus One, the ecosystem’s largest validator, has encountered node difficulties that have hampered its ability to properly participate in the consensus process. This is particularly problematic given that Chorus One controls 34.8% of the network’s voting power.

Since this announcement, Dymension has increased in value dramatically. The value of DYM rose from $4.899 on February 6 to $7.400 on February 16, representing a phenomenal 51.05% increase. The majority of Dymension experts have mentioned that it is likely to rise much higher in the next couple of weeks. This has led to predictions that DYM will rise to $28.654 by summer 2024.

Conversely, some experts are wary of investing in DYM due to recent signals from technical indicators which have made them hold a negative prediction for DYM. They have predicted that DYM will fall to $5.565 by the end of February. 

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