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Reddit Co-Founder and Solana Goes Into Decentralized Social Media Projects Investment

Seven Seven Six, the venture firm of American internet entrepreneur. Of course, and investor Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of social media platform Reddit Also, Solana Ventures goes on to reveal at the recent Solana Breakpoint 2021 conference in Lisbon. Of course, how there are plans of investing $50 million each in decentralize social media projects.

Furthermore, as per a report by Reuters, Reddit Co-Founder Ohanian says in a statement:

“With a high-performance blockchain like Solana,…”
“there is an unprecedented opportunity to fuse social and crypto in a way that feels like a…”
“Web2 social product but with the added incentive of empowering users with real ownership…”

Then, Reddit Co-Founder Ohanian adds
“We are at a pivotal inflection point in these early days of Web3.“

More so, And Raj Gokal, co-founder and COO of Solana Labs expresses his thoughts too, with Reddit Co-Founder.

“Web3 turns users and creators into owners and stakeholders,…”
“a change that can’t come soon enough to social media…”
“Social media in the metaverse will be a collection of millions of self-sufficient communities.“

Then, And Raj Gokal, co-founder and COO of Solana Labs explains while talking with Reddit Co-Founder.

Lastly, reports also mentions that Austin Federa, Head of Communications at Solana Labs. Of course, notes that this partnership will be mostly on Solana,

“the future is cross-chain so the initiative will consider all projects, irrespective of chain.”

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