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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele – A Discount For Citizens Paying For Gas With Chivo Wallet

The Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele reveals how Chivo wallet users will be receiving a reasonable discount on petroleum fill-ups. Additionally, this will be set at the largest gas stations in the country. More so, there’s $0.20 dollar to save per a gallon when citizens uses the government’s crypto wallet, chivo wallet.

President Nayib Gasoline Market Subsidization

After the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele revealed the volcano-powered bitcoin mining facility last week. This Friday, Nayib goes on to tell his Twitter followers about two positive adjustments the government is setting in place.

Furthermore, Nayib explains signaling a decree that approves a fund to stabilize the price of gas in El Salvador. Notably, He says that gas prices is on the verge of increase but his decree places a stop on that increase.

“In fact, gas prices will see a “slight reduction,” President Nayib expresses strongly.
“The Government will absorb the increases that are taking place in the international market for one year,” the Salvadoran president continues…
“If there are reductions, they will be transferred directly…” “…to the price of LPG cylinders (of all existing brands in our country) to consumers,”
Nayib explains….

Also, President Bukele maintains that households that already receive a gas subsidy will however, continue to get the assistance. Noting that the gas prices will not increase, but will only see more reductions rather.

“This will not only alleviate the pockets of households but also that of small businesses, helping to strengthen our economy,…” “…and the most vulnerable sectors will also feel the benefit of the economic growth that our country is having,” Nayib expounds further.

$0.20 to Save per Gallon for Chivo Wallet Users

As regarding those statements, President Nayib rolls out details around Chivo bitcoin wallet users getting a gas discount per a gallon upon filling it up.
However, The guidelines and procedures for this new discount are not crystal clear yet.

Meanwhile, Nayib maintains that popular and largest gas station companies in the country will have a price drop down for any customer buying with chivo wallet application. Additionally, He goes on to share few adverts showing some of the participating gas stations.

Nayib goes further to note, “The state company Chivo negotiated with the largest gas station companies in our country,…” “…so starting tomorrow, these gas stations will sell each gallon of fuel $0.20 cheaper, with the Chivo wallet.”

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