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SAWA Closes First Private Sale Round, Poised for Public Presale Launch

SAWA, the pioneering platform specialized in tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs) and advanced derivative tools, successfully concluded its first private sale round, bringing it closer to the anticipated public presale. The project has garnered significant attention from esteemed investment funds in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, with a target fundraising goal of $4 million in the upcoming private sale stages. With the project’s current development pace, SAWA’s team is confident in launching the public presale round this Summer.


SAWA stands out among the 2023 crypto startups by focusing on decentralized solutions and the tokenization of RWAs. The demand for sustainable investment assets has spurred the growth of the tokenized RWA market. Real-world assets have encompassed tangible assets and monetary primitives that serve as collateral. RWAs include real estate, precious metals, cash, and corporate debt. The RWA market represents the largest global market, composing the majority of financial value. With the global real estate market valued at approximately $362 trillion and gold alone boasting a market capitalization of $11 trillion, the potential for tokenized RWAs is evident. Industry experts, including CoinMetrics, have recognized the growth potential of real-world asset tokenization as a prominent area of expansion in 2023. In the coming years, leading financial institutions such as BofA and Citi project the tokenized RWA market to evolve into a multi-trillion-dollar industry.


SAWA’s pioneering tokenization protocol introduces a truly decentralized approach to the market of tokenized assets and derivative tools. Built on a Zero-trust system, SAWA’s protocol ensures the utmost transparency and security for users. All tokens are backed by tangible assets, and all platform operations are decentralized, leveraging Chainlink automation, smart contracts, and integrated solutions. Many of the platform’s features are already available, with the first tokenized Dubai real estate object successfully sold on the SAWA marketplace on May 15th.


SAWA’s decentralized tokenized RWA marketplace offers investors access to secure and sustainable assets. Moreover, active market participants, including traders, have shown interest in decentralized and transparent solutions. Trading volumes across major crypto exchanges indicate the majority of crypto trades in futures markets. However, most services for derivatives trading are centralized, lacking transparency in terms of liquidity and smart contracts. Since demand for decentralized futures trading solutions has risen, the significance of the SAWA project has become apparent. In addition to the tokenized RWA marketplace, the SAWA ecosystem offers users access to a decentralized futures trading market, providing unparalleled transparency.


The project’s utility token, SAWA, offers holders early access to tokenized RWAs listed on the SAWA marketplace, participation in the distribution of platform profits, and assurance of the safety of OTC transactions for equity purchase and sale with collateral.


To stay updated on SAWA’s progress, users follow the project’s development and explore the tokenized RWA marketplace on the official SAWA website. Additional updates can be found by following on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, and White Paper.


About SAWA


The SAWA project was launched in early 2022 by an international team from Turkey, Poland, Belarus, Singapore and the UAE with a mission to provide decentralized and secure access to tokenized RWAs and derivative tools. The platform allows the primary sale of assets by community-based governance, assuring transparency. Being one of the first platforms with tokenized RWAs, SAWA developed a patented tokenization protocol that will likely become the industry’s standard. Gradually, SAWA intends to develop into an ecosystem of decentralized products based on smart contracts and will include a proprietary OTC solution, DEX exchange with derivatives support, RWA and NFT marketplace.




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