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Shiba Wings, Australia’s Shiba Inu-Themed Diner, Prioritizes Food Over Crypto Payments

Shiba Wings, an Australian fast-food diner with a Shiba Inu theme, has enjoyed a successful opening in Surfers Paradise. While customer appetite for their delicious fried treats has been strong, the same enthusiasm has not translated into crypto payments. Despite declining crypto transactions, the diner’s owner, Elijah, remains unfazed, emphasizing the focus on serving quality food and building the Shiba Wings brand. This article delves into the diner’s crypto payment journey and its ambitions to become a formidable fast-food franchise.

Since its grand opening in March, Shiba Wings, the Shiba Inu-themed diner in Surfers Paradise, Australia, has attracted numerous customers seeking its mouthwatering fried delights. However, the initial interest in crypto payments waned over time, with an average of around 50 Australian dollars ($34) per week in crypto transactions compared to the initial $168 during the first week. The majority of these payments have been made in Shiba Inu, followed by Dogecoin and Cardano.

Despite declining crypto payments, Elijah, the diner’s owner, isn’t concerned. He believes that crypto payments were merely an additional feature and not the primary focus of the business. Elijah’s main objective revolves around serving high-quality food and establishing the Shiba Wings brand. He actively advises customers not to spend large amounts of crypto on food, highlighting the famous Bitcoin pizza incident as a cautionary tale.

Elijah’s ultimate goal is to build a fast-food franchise that can rival McDonald’s, leveraging the popularity of the Shiba Inu brand. The Shiba Inu community boasts a significant international following, with the Twitter accounts for Shiba Inu Token and Shib Army amassing over 4.1 million followers combined. By acquiring the intellectual property rights to Shiba Inu in Australia, Elijah plans to launch a series of Shiba Wings franchises by the end of the year, giving the fast-food industry a fresh and innovative twist.

In addition to the physical franchises, Shiba Wings is preparing to release an NFT granting holders a share of the business. Through this NFT rollout, the community will receive 15% ownership of every restaurant, essentially becoming quasi-shareholders entitled to quarterly dividends. Moreover, a separate Shiba Wings token is in the works, offering holders exclusive in-store benefits.

While crypto payments may not be the driving force behind Shiba Wings’ success, a survey conducted by in August 2022 revealed that 55% of Australian merchants and consumers expressed interest in using cryptocurrency for purchases. Almost half of the surveyed merchants (47%) were prepared to accept crypto payments within a year.

Shiba Wings, the Shiba Inu-themed diner in Australia, has captivated customers with its delectable offerings. Although crypto payments have tapered off, the owner remains focused on food quality and expanding the Shiba Wings franchise. By leveraging the popularity of the Shiba Inu brand, coupled with innovative initiatives such as NFT ownership and an upcoming token, Shiba Wings aims to revolutionize the fast-food landscape while giving customers a unique dining experience.


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