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Snoop Dogg Revealed as Co-founder of Web3-powered Livestream Platform

A Web3-powered live streaming app dubbed “Shiller” has been discovered to include one of Snoop Dogg’s co-founders, giving the well-known hip-hop singer another another Web3 collaboration.

According to its description, the app is a “live broadcast platform” that seeks to incorporate Web3 technology with in-the-moment live streaming content. The rapper and software entrepreneur Sam Jones have both been identified as co-founders of the app.

That comes after a flurry of Web3 collaborations by Snoop Dogg during the previous year.

Snoop Dogg and Sandbox Metaverse collaborated in April of last year to produce the “Snoop Avatars” NFT collection and the hip-hop hit “A Hard Working Man,” which was followed by a 50,000-piece NFT drop.

The rapper also collaborated with Yuga Labs, the group behind CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), to perform on a stage that had been turned into the metaverse during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 29. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has joined forces with cryptocurrency casino Roobet, where he will act as the company’s “Chief Ganjaroo Officer,” according to a statement released by Roobet on March 1.

According to Shiller, the platform would make extensive use of blockchain, enabling video producers to “token-gate” their streams and advertise nonfungible tokens or other items from e-commerce websites. These content producers can receive payment in fiat currency or cryptocurrencies like Ether, which is now worth $1,561, or NFTs.

According to Shiller’s most recent update on March 2, it had been planned for a January release but has now been postponed until April. Shiller’s debut seems to be a part of a larger creative economy movement, in which Web3 will probably play a role.

Users could write HTML and browse material on the “Web1,” but user-to-user interactions were only possible on the “Web2,” which was popularized by a few social media oligopolies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube. The “Web3” movement seeks to do away with these middlemen by giving content producers total control over their output and the revenue that results from it.


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