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Solana (SOL) Plummets Further; dogwifhat (WIF) Sees a Slight Uptick; InQubeta (QUBE) Becomes New AI Favorite

Troubled days aren’t ahead; they might already be here. While sentiment was initially bullish, the Middle East unrest pushed the market down—a reality check on how real-world events affect the DeFi world. While Solana (SOL) reflects the broader market, dogwifhat (WIF) has been gaining slight traction, with the bulls stepping up.

The good news, or rather a silver lining, is the great buying opportunity, which savvy investors have been taking advantage of. You shouldn’t miss out either; it’s called the “dip of a lifetime.” So, buy the dip—or the red.

At the same time, InQubeta (QUBE), a newly launched AI altcoin, has become a favorite among investors. Its significant upside potential and bullish narrative saw it rated as the best new crypto to invest in—a bullish wave you don’t want to miss out on.


InQubeta (QUBE): A New Favorite Among AI Enthusiasts

Despite the latest market downturn, InQubeta (QUBE) seems to be mostly unaffected. Amid the market downturn, investors have been shifting focus to new tokens, hoping to secure their profits and maximize gains. At the top of their favorite lists is QUBE, a project at the intersection of AI and blockchain.

Besides riding the AI frenzy, it will play a vital role within the sector. Taking a unique path, its crypto-based crowdfunding platform will enable AI tech startups to raise capital through the QUBE token. Further, by employing NFTs and a fractional investment model, the crypto community can become early backers of trailblazing AI ventures.

With generational wealth up for grabs, it is no surprise that InQubeta is quickly becoming an investor favorite. On a bullish path, it has been hailed by analysts as one of the best cryptos to buy now, tipped for a 60x jump before the year comes to an end. It is a must-have coin. 

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Solana (SOL): Bearish Woes Continue

Solana (SOL) is currently at the mercy of the bears, having plummeted from its $200 March high. While it had an impressive first quarter—one of the biggest highlights—things took a downward turn in April. It tanked.

The network challenges—although a mainnet update has rolled out—can be partly linked to its downswing. The network’s difficulty in handling several transactions amid the meme craze caused an outage, dragging down the price of Solana.

Further pulling it into bearish zones is the latest unrest in the Middle East. This time, it won’t only be Solana but the entire market, including new and trending altcoins like Starknet, Wormhole and Pixels. Nevertheless, a price comeback is imminent, and at its current price—a good entry point—SOL is among the best cryptos to invest in.


dogwifhat (WIF): Gaining Slight Uptick

dogwifhat (WIF), the trendy Shiba Inu with a pink beanie, is promptly embraced among investors and enthusiasts. It doesn’t get more amusing than a dog with a hat, of course. Hence, its memetic appeal is largely responsible for its explosive growth and status as one of the best meme coins.

After bursting into the limelight this year, the Solana-based memecoin has cemented its status as one of the top altcoins with remarkable price actions. Its community is also largely unmatched, positioning it as one of the best coins to invest in.

Although it experienced a notable decline—like most altcoins did—dogwifhat has been showing indications of a bounce. The bulls seem to be forcing a rally, with the next resistance crucial to whether we will see an upswing in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for what might be a significant move—WAGMI.



While Solana’s bearish pressure continues and dogwifhat gains a slight uptick, InQubeta has been forging ahead with strong bullish momentum. After going live on Uniswap and MEXC, its price discovery journey begins—a bullish wave you can ride to its fullest. 

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