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Successful Ransomware Attacks Decrease In 2020

2020 has been a year of uncertainties. While the novel coronavirus pandemic had made a stranglehold on the world, the world of developing digital currency has seen its fair share of ups and downs. However, in a major boost the successful ransomware attack has seen a decline the period between January to April 2020 in the US public sectors.

Researchers have also noted that the trend is reversing in the recent times. According to a study conducted by Emisoft, the figures have declined in comparison to the 966 targeted establishments that were successfully attacked at the cost of $7.5 billion.

The past data has noted that during the Q1 and Q2 segment in 2019, a minimum of 128 federal entities, health providers and education sector effected.

Meanwhile, researchers have pointed out that the lab is starting to notice a bearish reversal.

Cointelegraph reported that, Brett Callow, has advised the United States to find a better way to improve security in public sector.

“The US must find a way to improve security in the public sector. In 2019, all but one of the 966 successful attacks on the public sector were simply expensive and disruptive encryption events but, in 2020, many will also be data breaches. At least five government entities and three universities have already had data stolen and published this year, and it’s inevitable that they will not be the last.”

On the other hand, the CTO of Emisoft, Fabian Wosar also warned that 2020 should not be a repeat of 2019.

“2020 need not be a repeat of 2019. Proper levels of investment in people, processes and IT would result in significantly fewer ransomware incidents and those incidents which did occur would be less severe, less disruptive and less costly.”

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