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$TET Listing Soars as SoftNote Introduces Live Staking and Bitcoin SoftNote System

Mahe, Seychelles – SoftNote, the Ultimate Bitcoin Layer-2 Scaling Solution, is transforming the way transactions occur in the crypto world. Powered by Tectum, SoftNote introduces a fully backed and redeemable cash system, enabling seamless real-world transactions and rewarding users in the process.

SoftNote brings the benefits of digital cash to any blockchain. With SoftNotes representing ownership of Bitcoin wallets, users can now experience lightning-fast, fee-free transfers, unlocking new possibilities for seamless real-world transactions. The SoftNote system offers simplicity, security, and privacy, making it an ideal solution for Bitcoin scaling.

In addition to this groundbreaking solution, SoftNote is pleased to share some significant advancements in its ecosystem. With a focus on enhancing user experience and expanding its ecosystem, SoftNote introduces live staking opportunities, the launch of the Bitcoin SoftNote system, and an ongoing airdrop campaign. Furthermore, $TET had a successful launch on ETH Network and has been listed on UNISWAP.

DEX/CEX $TET Listing Strong, Early Investors Reap Rewards

$TET, the native token of SoftNote, has gained significant traction since its recent launch. With listing on decentralized exchange (DEX), $TET has shown exceptional growth, delivering a 340% return on investment (ROI) to early investors at its all-time high (ATH). Currently valued at a market cap of approximately $2 million, $TET exhibits strong potential for further growth and market reversal.

Live Staking: UniCrypt Staking Pool

SoftNote is delighted to announce that $TET staking is now live. Users can participate in the UniCrypt staking pool, offering attractive rewards for staking their $TET tokens. By staking for a minimum of two months, participants can enjoy a minimum Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 60% or more. This staking opportunity provides users with a secure and profitable means of engaging with the SoftNote ecosystem.

Bitcoin SoftNote System Goes Live

SoftNote proudly launches the Bitcoin SoftNote system, bringing unprecedented scalability and efficiency to Bitcoin transactions. With SoftNotes representing ownership of Bitcoin wallets, users can now experience lightning-fast, fee-free transfers, unlocking new possibilities for seamless real-world transactions. The Bitcoin SoftNote system is a significant milestone in SoftNote’s mission to revolutionize the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Airdrop Campaign

To reward early adopters and foster engagement within the SoftNote community, an airdrop campaign has been initiated. The campaign includes a pool of 33,000 $TET tokens (equivalent to $100,000) available for distribution. Participants can qualify for the airdrop by filling SoftNotes with liquidity and minting SoftNotes. This presents an excellent opportunity for community members to be rewarded for their active involvement in the SoftNote ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to announce these exciting updates for the SoftNote community,” said Andrew Erikashvili, spokesperson at SoftNote. “The strong $TET listing performance, live staking options, the launch of the Bitcoin SoftNote system, and the ongoing airdrop campaign are all significant milestones that contribute to our vision of making cryptocurrencies more accessible and efficient for real-world transactions. We invite our community members to take part in these initiatives and experience the benefits firsthand.”

Accompanying SoftNote is the Tectum Enumeration Token (TET), a universal store of value that allows for real-time, secure, and fee-free Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and retail transactions. TET, along with the Tectum Enumeration Coin (TEC), SoftNote Minting License, Telegram Bot (@SoftNotebot), Mobile App, and other tools, fosters mass adoption, financial independence, and personal control in the crypto space.

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About SoftNote

SoftNote, powered by Tectum, is the ultimate monetary solution that creates digital cash and unlimited scale for any blockchain. By introducing SoftNotes, digital banknotes representing ownership of Bitcoin wallets, SoftNote enables instant, fee-free transactions, and brings the benefits of digital cash to the world of cryptocurrencies. SoftNote aims to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering a scalable and efficient solution for real-world transactions.

About Tectum

Tectum is a distributed ledger protocol platform that employs a proprietary record change signature management algorithm. With transaction speeds exceeding 1 million per second, Tectum provides instant event status delivery, ownership updates, and different levels of access to functional system modules. Tectum’s technology offers scalability, security, and accessibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including lightweight, high-volume record-keeping and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases.

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