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The scientific ministry of South Korea has released some metaverse moral guidelines

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) of South Korea recently released the first version of the key ethical standards that are essential for developing and taking part in the metaverse.

The three values of the science ministry for those who participate in the metaverse are self-identity preservation, secure enjoyment, and sustained prosperity.

The ministry suggests eight principles to uphold while taking part in the metaverse ecosystem in order to put the three values into practice: authenticity, autonomy, reciprocity, respect for privacy, fairness, data protection, inclusiveness, and accountability.

To ensure that the principles can be applied to real-world use cases of the metaverse, the MSIT intends to include feedback from pertinent departments, experts, businesses, and civic organizations before finalizing the document at the end of this year.

In a news release, the ministry said that there are growing worries about how people interact online in terms of copyright, juvenile protection, and personal information.

Numerous incidents of minors being sexually harassed or abused on the metaverse have occurred in recent years.

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