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‘There is no internet’: Afghan Youngster, who desired to mine Bitcoin, fled nation after Taliban takeover.`

Ali, a young guy in his 20s originally from Afghanistan’s Khost province, said he was waiting for passage west. He intends to go to Europe from a drainage tunnel outside the Tatvan region of Turkey’s eastern Bitlis province. About 50 other people who were seeking refuge joined with him.

Ali and his crypto dream

Muhammad Ali claimed he had hoped to start a cryptocurrency business before the Taliban swept through Afghanistan. Therefore, prompting him to embark on a perilous journey west via Iran and Turkey. Moreover, avoiding border guards and security screenings along the way.

The Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan has sparked fears of a new surge of refugees in Turkey, a transit point for thousands of migrants attempting to reach Europe and already hosts roughly 4 million Syrians. It has beefed up security along its border with Iran, yet Afghans continue to pass through.

Ali says he studied computer science in Afghanistan and lectured web and graphic design. He claimed to have a YouTube channel where he released videos about making money online, among other things.

“I was planning a bitcoin or Ethereum mining business… Suddenly everything changed, and the Taliban took over all of Afghanistan,” the youth stated.

“There is no internet. If there is no internet, I cannot do my job there. If we had smartphones that had a camera, the Taliban wouldn’t allow it.”

Migrants in Turkey

Migrants who reach Turkey’s eastern province of Van go by walk, bus, or ferry to the settlement of Tatvan on the western banks of Lake Van after travelling for weeks across Iran.

They try to avoid police roadblocks, searches on their hideouts, and coast guard vessels patrolling the vast lake, where a boat carrying around 60 migrants drowned last year, killing all of them.

Wais Muhammad Shehrzad, 30, claimed he fled Afghanistan a month ago after bribing a trafficker $1,000 and travelling for up to 50 hours at a stretch with no food.

“We have blistered foot; we have no clothes, no food,” he added. Additionally, removing his shoes to reveal a wounded ankle. Therefore, instructing the rest of the group to take a seat.

Shehrzad stated he was initially from Kabul and had formerly worked as a shoemaker and an English instructor. He desired to travel to Istanbul, find a job, and send money to his folks.

Under Detention by Authorities

However, in recent weeks, thousands of Afghan migrants are under detention by Turkish authorities, out of a total population of 300,000 in the nation. Those apprehended in Bitlis are sent to a repatriation centre in Van. However, Afghans are not currently deporting back to their homeland due to unrest.

However, the day after he confided to Reuters, Ali texted a message which read- “Police arrest us”.

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