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THORChain Streaming Swaps and Lending Driving RUNE to Defy Battered Crypto Market

In an era of DeFi innovation, THORSwap has taken a decisive step by introducing Streaming Swaps, a game-changing feature that optimizes user trades and token swaps. Launched earlier this month, Streaming Swaps revolutionized the approach to cross-chain transactions by fragmenting them into smaller components executed over an extended period.

Traditionally, achieving low slippage required multiple manual swaps, leading to higher gas fees and increased efforts. However, THORSwap’s Streaming Swaps streamline this process by enabling users to execute a single transaction. This transaction is seamlessly managed by THORChain to secure the best price, eliminating the need for multiple steps.

In an encouraging sign, larger-scale traders, known as whales, have embraced Streaming Swaps for substantial transactions. The record-setting swap involved 3,150 ETH exchanged for 2,482,348 RUNE, totaling almost $3.65 million. This uptake underscores the efficiency and appeal of THORSwap’s innovative offering.

Alongside the introduction of Streaming Swaps, THORChain’s trading volume has surged, providing momentum for RUNE. Despite enduring a prolonged slump of over 90% from its peak for several months, RUNE has defied market trends, experiencing an impressive uptrend.

The anticipation of THORChain’s Lending Protocol further fuels RUNE’s resurgence as this protocol presents many benefits, including the absence of liquidations, expirations, or KYC requirements. Recently, THORSwap announced the live launch of its Lending Protocol, offering BTC and ETH lending with zero interest. Users’ borrowing capacity hinges on the Collateralization Ratio (CR), which spans from 200% to 500%. Remarkably, the protocol’s mechanics involve swapping the provided collateral to RUNE and utilizing the difference between collateral and loan value, eliminating the need for liquidations or interest.

This resurgence in RUNE’s value is also attributed to fundamental support. Delphi Digital’s comprehensive report on THORChain fundamentals, released in late July, has significantly contributed to RUNE’s price surge. In contrast to the broader market downturn, RUNE has witnessed an astonishing 83% price increase since the report’s release.

While recent trading has seen a minor dip of 3%, with RUNE valued at $1.69 at the time of writing, the broader perspective reveals a compelling story. Over the past two weeks, RUNE has surged by an impressive 80%, soaring from under a dollar to a 6-month high of $1.88.

Although RUNE is still down by 92% from its all-time high of $20.87 in May 2021, its remarkable recovery and the introduction of innovative features by THORSwap signal promising potential for future growth. As the DeFi landscape evolves, technological advancement and robust fundamentals could set the stage for RUNE’s further resurgence in the coming months.


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