Top 3 Crypto Portfolio Trackers To Use

A tool or service called a portfolio tracker enables you to follow the fluctuations of your holdings. You can monitor your progress and compare your current allocation to your long-term objectives. 

Here are a few instances you might want to think about:


A very well-liked price tracker called CoinMarketCap has created its own portfolio tool. Both desktop and mobile users can access the portfolio tracker without charge. The portfolio tracker does not connect to your wallet or exchange, therefore you must manually enter your assets in order to utilize it. To precisely track your gains, you can also choose to include the prices at which you made your purchases.


Although it features a portfolio option, CoinGecko is primarily recognized for its bitcoin price tracking. Both your browser and a mobile device can access it for free. If you currently use CoinGecko frequently, the tracker is worthwhile to test as well.


You may monitor both your regular assets and your cryptocurrency portfolio at once with the smartphone app Delta. It has the ability to connect to 20 exchanges and numerous wallets, including Binance. Both a free and premium version are available, however trading is not possible within the program.

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