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Users of Opensea will receive a Christmas airdrop from Opendao

This year, members of Opensea received a Christmas present from a new DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that launched an airdrop to thank marketplace users and express gratitude for their support of the NFT environment. On Christmas Day, Opendao premiered, airdropping half of its total supply to all users who have traded NFTs and transacted on the Opensea marketplace since the beginning. This airdrop’s photo was taken on December 23.

According to the organization, 20% of the total issuance will be used to compensate verified scam victims on Opensea with SOS, the DAO’s native token, and to support emerging artists and their original work.

Heavy users of Opensea received airdrops of thousands of dollars in SOS, according to reports on social media, after the initial anxiety over enabling an unknown contract to have control over users’ Ethereum wallets.

More than 240K addresses have claimed the SOS airdrop as of this writing, and the token is listed on two controlled exchanges, Oxex and Kucoin.

The dynamics of the Opendao airdrop are distinct from those of previous airdrops. According to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who applauds the way this specific airdrop is in order, this is the case. He explains,

“OK — b4 all the VC thinkpieces start…. these airdrops (like $ENS before it) flip script on how”

“EVERYONE will value their time + spending online👉 u’re finally rewarded 4 using.”

“It’s bringing incentives that I love (as a founder/investor) to the COMMUNITY that makes it all work.”

He went on to say that because the blockchain is a public record. Also, multiple parties can plan these airdrops, and that in the future, people’s wallets will have spam. He did say, though, that there will be some amazing projects coming out.

Since its launch, the price of SOS has risen significantly. According to Coingecko’s price data, the coin went from a start price of $0.00000140 to $0.00001108. It has since retraced to a $0.00000650 intermediate price.

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