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Wall Street Giants Catch Bitcoin ETF Fever, Aptos Network Activity Surges, NuggetRush Prepares To Shake Up GameFi


  • Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo want to start Bitcoin ETF services for its clients. 
  • Aptos development activity has jumped 268% in the past two months. 
  • NuggetRush will launch a gaming platform and NFT marketplace.

Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo want to start offering Bitcoin ETF services to their clients. Meanwhile, the Aptos network has experienced a 268% surge in development activity. 

Additionally, NuggetRush is gearing up to unveil its gaming platform and NFT marketplace. These upcoming features have made one of the best new DeFi projects in the market.

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Benefits of Joining the NuggetRush (NUGX) Platform 

NuggetRush (NUGX), a top ICO in the market, is pioneering a gaming platform with a myriad of benefits for users. It will feature gaming, NFTs, staking, and earning opportunities in a play-to-earn mining game.

Also, the game will allow miners to build lucrative mining businesses, hire workers, buy equipment, and make a profit. As players progress, they will unlock higher rewards. Also, NuggetRush is working on an upcoming NFT marketplace where players can trade their digital collectibles and buy popular NFTs.

Meanwhile, NuggetRush is in the Launchpad Round of its presale. The presale has been exceptional, with the project securing over $2.6 million in funding from retail and institutional investors and selling over 204 million NUGX tokens.

With the crypto ICO approaching its end, investors are advised to participate in the presale now, securing NUGX tokens at $0.02.

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Aptos (APT) Network Activity Surges 

Aptos (APT) has seen significant growth recently, with data from Santiment indicating a sharp increase in the Layer-1 blockchain’s development activity.

Santiment’s data reveals a 268% rise in Aptos’ development activity over the last two months. Currently, there are 39 active contributors working on the platform, and the number could increase in the coming months.

In terms of price movement, Aptos APT has seen a 28.1% price pump in the past week, rising to a peak of $12.98 from its $9.04 low.

In addition, Aptos price is up 16.4% and 30.9% on the two-week and monthly timeframes. However, it is down 9.8% on the yearly price chart. Yet, analysts have foreseen a potential jump to $15.00 before the end of 2024.


Two Wall Street Giants To Offer Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs

Two prominent Wall Street wealth managers, Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo, want to allow their clients with brokerage accounts to trade spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs due to growing FOMO.

The decision was made in response to the enormous inflows that these funds have seen over the past two months, which show how much demand there is for Bitcoin ETFs. Because of the increase in Bitcoin values, approximately $20 billion in assets under management (AUM) have been drawn to Bitcoin ETFs. 

Bitcoin surged from a monthly low of $41,879.19 to a top of $63,913.13, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin is now the best cryptocurrency to hodl as the market prepares for a significant rally thanks to its price spike.


In Summary

The recent surge in Bitcoin and the growing interest in its spot ETF may lead to a significant boost in the value of altcoins like Aptos and NuggetRush. Consequently, now is the ideal moment for them to increase their investments and give NuggetRush more attention since its blockchain ICO will be done soon.

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