Web3Preneur Announces 2024 Mission: Building the Ultimate Web3 Ecosystem/Web3Preneur Unveils BlockOn Legacy and Exciting Plans for 2024

Web3Preneur, the leading platform for connecting web3 enthusiasts across the globe, today unveiled its ambitious 2024 mission: to create a one-stop solution for everything web3, from ideation to investment.

BlockOn’s legacy is one of fostering innovation and collaboration in blockchain. Through impactful events, they’ve united industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts – 55,000 attendees strong!; to explore the future of Web3. With over 2,050 speakers, 675 sponsors, and 100+ partners, these impressive numbers showcase not just their reach, but their role as a powerful catalyst for meaningful change in the blockchain space.

Building upon the success of Blockon’s legacy and the impressive Web3Preneur 2023 Asia edition which achieved remarkable results, exceeding all previous benchmarks. Boasting an impressive 2,121 registrations, 722 confirmed attendees representing 75 countries, the event solidified BlockOn’s position as a premier destination for the Web3 community in Asia. This year’s 1st Web3Preneur event will take place during Eth Dubai on 21st April in Dubai, UAE, a global hub for innovation and blockchain technology.


Web3Preneur: Seize the Future of Web3

The internet revolutionized communication, interaction, and information access. Now, Web3 stands poised to be the next paradigm shift. Experts predict a $49.1 billion market by 2030, with Web3 fundamentally altering global trade and the digital landscape. Web3Preneur is at the forefront of this transformation, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 and empowering entrepreneurs.


Bridging the Web2 to Web3 Gap: A Crucial Step

The transition from Web2’s centralized platforms to Web3 presents challenges. Many lack the knowledge and tools to navigate this new environment. Web3Preneur, powered by the NuFi ecosystem, becomes an indispensable link, fostering entrepreneurial ventures and propelling Web3 growth.


A Paradigm Shift: Parallels to the Mobile Revolution

Similar to how the mobile revolution seamlessly shifted us from desktops to smartphones, Web3 offers a transformative leap. Grand View Research estimates the global blockchain market to reach $17.46 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 87.7%. This emerging market presents a wealth of opportunities, particularly for Gen Z and startups who are more aligned with the new Web3 landscape.


Unlocking Global Potential: Empowering Growth and Prosperity

Web3’s impact extends beyond technology. It has the potential to democratize global economic opportunities. Decentralized work platforms and the removal of geographical barriers allow individuals worldwide to compete for jobs on a global scale, leading to increased salaries and equitable economic growth.

This mirrors the internet’s economic boom. According to Nasscom’s 2022 report, India’s IT-BPM sector alone contributes over $200 billion to its GDP. Web3 holds similar potential for exponential growth, as evidenced by the World Bank report citing the internet’s direct contribution to India’s 150% per capita income rise between 2005 and 2020. Web3Preneur is well-positioned to act as a catalyst in accelerating this growth.


Web3Preneur: Your Gateway to the Future

Built by BlockOn and powered by NuFi, Web3Preneur leverages NuChain, the world’s fastest blockchain, to cater to diverse industries like: eGovernance, Banking & Finance, Travel, Real World Assets, Gaming & Entertainment, Tokenization. However, Web3Preneur goes beyond a platform. Its unique “look before you book, try before you buy” approach allows individuals to experience Web3 firsthand before committing. Additionally, it fosters industry networking, encouraging collaboration and innovation.

This reflects BlockOn’s commitment to bridging the Web2-Web3 gap. Web3Preneur extends beyond the digital sphere, actively fostering connections through immersive events. The inaugural Web3Preneur Asia Series in 2023 spanned five key locations, and this year expands to a ten-part extravaganza across nine countries, offering unmatched networking and learning opportunities.


Empowering Women in Web3: Fostering Inclusive Growth

Web3Preneur champions inclusivity and diversity within the sector.  The Women.Web3Preneur program, launched during the 2024 Asia Series, exemplifies this commitment. It offers dedicated resources like a women’s desk and a 10-week business and career accelerator to empower women and bridge the gender gap in the Web3 ecosystem. A 2023 Coindesk report highlights the critical need for initiatives like Women.Web3Preneur, as women currently hold less than 10% of leadership positions in the blockchain industry.


The NuChain and NuFi Ecosystem: Powering Innovation

Web3 ecosystem is evolving rapidly, however, the sector is still hamstrung by bottlenecks and system latency. These limitations restrict horizontal and vertical scalability. NuChain solves this critical vulnerability by presenting a future-ready blockchain platform that boasts of industry-best 200,000 TPS. NuChain is ably supported by NuFi ecosystem. While NuChain is the world’s fastest blockchain that delivers unparalleled speed and scalability; NuFi is a leading venture capital firm that provides financial and strategic support to promising startups. The six verticals that NuChain sepifically targets are: eGovernance, Banking & Finance, Travel, Real World Assets, Gaming & Entertainment, Tokenization. Additionally, the Web3 Travel Vertical within the ecosystem offers unique travel experiences tailored for the Web3 community.


The Pillars of Web3Preneur: Fuel Your Growth

Web3Preneur provides everything you need to succeed in Web3:

  • Fastrack Development: Find your perfect match, whether it’s the ideal project, skilled talent, or strategic partnership. Collaborate and innovate to reach new heights.
  • Forge Powerful Partnerships: Leverage our extensive network of leading projects, investors, and service providers. Expand your reach and gain access to valuable resources.
  • Build Sustainable Revenue: Web3Preneur empowers you to create and capture long-term value.
  • Raise-up: Explore avenues for funding and investment support.
  • Secure Grants: Explore a diverse range of funding options, from individual investors to grant programs and VC firms. Get the capital you need to bring your vision to life.


A Thriving Ecosystem for Web3 Success

Effortlessly connect, collaborate, and conquer the Web3 frontier with Web3Preneur. This all-in-one platform streamlines your Web3 journey by providing:

  • Effortless connections: Discover the perfect projects, talent, and funding opportunities through powerful matching algorithms and a curated community.
  • Amplified growth: Network with industry leaders, access expert guidance, and leverage exclusive events to fuel your success.
  • Time & cost savings: Generate high-quality leads, find skilled professionals, and access valuable resources, all in one place.
  • Matching Made Easy: Streamline your fundraising or investment journey by connecting with the right partners through our innovative matching system.
  • Empowering Women in Web3: Web3Preneur’s dedicated initiative, women.web3preneurs, provides funding, support, and resources to help women entrepreneurs thrive in this dynamic field.
  • Unmatched Web3 Directory: Connect and collaborate with a curated list of top web3 entrepreneurs, investors, and talent, including graduates from Blockon’s prestigious portfolio companies joining Web3Preneur.
  • Revolutionizing Lead Generation: Our secure and efficient platform facilitates lead generation with built-in scam protection, a unique value proposition in the evolving web3 landscape.


Global Events Fostering Growth:

Network and learn from the best at over 10 events planned worldwide in 2024, including the Dubai flagship event during Token2049. Here’s a glimpse of some of the exciting gatherings:

  • ETH Dubai – Web3preneur Eth Dubai Edition
  • Asia – Web3preneur Indonesia Edition
  • Korea Blockchain Week – Web3preneur South Korea Edition
  • Malaysia Blockchain Week – Web3preneur Malaysia Edition
  • Token 2049, Singapore– Web3preneur Singapore Edition
  • Future Blockchain Summit – Web3preneur FBS Dubai Edition
  • Devcon South East Asia, Bangkok – Web3preneur Thailand Edition Date
  • ETH India – Web3preneur India Edition


Expansion of Blockon’s Portfolio:

As part of our commitment to supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, Web3Preneur is proud to welcome all of our portfolio companies under the Blockon umbrella. These pioneering companies, including, wowTalkies, Web3Travels, BlockTing, RapidZ, Alluma, Web3Vacations, Ecotrader, OBIO, Masterverses, ShipFinex, and Cypher Blockchain, and launching NuFi – a revolutionary VC firm and world’s fastest Blockchain – NuChain, exemplifying the innovation and potential inherent in the Web3 space.


Join Us in Shaping the Future of Web3

Web3Preneur is committed to building a robust and inclusive web3 ecosystem. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting journey!


Call to Action:

Register today for the Web3Preneur 2024 Dubai event at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre during Token2049 and unlock a world of possibilities in web3!

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