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What exactly is Web 5? 

On the internet nowadays, identity and personal data have become the property of third parties. Web5 will give users control over their data rather than turning it over to other parties. It’s a mix between Web3 and Web2.0, built on the bitcoin blockchain. On Twitter, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the launch of a new platform dubbed ‘Web5.’

Web5 enables decentralised identity and data storage in applications. Web 5 enables developers to focus on creating engaging user experiences while recovering data and identity management for consumers, according to Twitter.

Individuals will be able to ‘control their data and manage their identity. Alice, for example, keeps her identity, data, and authorization for external apps and connections safe in a digital wallet. Alice uses her wallet to sign up for a new decentralized social networking platform. She does not need to create a profile. Because she has linked her decentralized identity to the app, and all of her connections, relationships, and postings are preserved in her decentralized web node.

Thanks to Web5, Alice may switch apps whenever she wants, and her social profile follows her.

Progressive web apps send information directly to centralized servers with minimum stored details, which distinguishes them from traditional Web2 applications. Web5 relies on decentralized web nodes, controlled by the users rather than a centralized server.

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