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Why Investors Flocking To This Crypto Launchpad IDO; TVL Grows By 1000% In A Week

Digital landscape is an ever changing world and now a platform emerges promising to redefine the crypto ecosystem. PenPad, the first launchpad built on the Scroll blockchain, commences a new chapter of innovation, privacy, and community-driven growth in the Web3 sphere. Crypto token presales have given new means to the space, accumulating millions of dollars for the crypto and blockchain industry while enabling investors to generate multifold returns. 

As the crypto world braces for PenPad’s highly anticipated Initial DEX Offering (IDO), investors from retail and institutional landscape are keen to onboard. The project’s charm has attracted even a few A-list VCs that’s going to make $PDD IDO massive. Let’s delve into how this platform is set to change the game and why investors are keen to be part of a transformative journey.

PenPad and Scroll: Crypto Launchpad Redefined With zkEVM

Leveraging Scroll’s zkEVM, PenPad brings more than just a launchpad that prioritizes transparency. It introduces groundbreaking features such as ZK-Protected Logins and Account Abstraction Supports, alongside a suite of advanced ZK Circuit Design functionalities. These technologies are not mere enhancements; they represent a leap forward, ensuring scalability, privacy, and compliance, tailor-made for real-world application integration.

PenPad comes up with a unique staking and allocation system for its native token $PDD. This system is designed to reward community engagement and participation, ensuring a fair distribution of tokens. Participants can stake ETH to earn points, which in turn determine their allocation of $PDD tokens at varying prices through a gradient pricing model. This incentivizes early and active participation, with additional rewards for staking during specific bonus periods.

The allocation process is closely tied to the points earned, allowing for a decentralized and equitable distribution of tokens. PenPad emphasizes community contribution, with the allocation system reflecting the platform’s commitment to a fair launch ethos. Seasonal activities leading up to the IDO provide various opportunities for participants to engage with the platform and increase their potential allocation.

Staking a certain ETH within the PenPad ecosystem introduces a tiered framework designed to incentivize and reward community members for their participation and investment. This mechanism is structured around eight distinct tiers, each defined by the staked amount of specific worth in ETH.

For example, Tier 1 requires to stake 2.67 ETH, equivalent to 400,000 $PDD, valued at  scaling up to Tier 8, which demands a higher valuation of 42.67 ETH. These tiers not only reflect the financial commitment of the investor but also determine the level of benefits and responsibilities afforded to them.

The primary advantage of participating in staking ETH lies in the direct correlation between the tier level and the array of benefits unlocked. These benefits range from valuation rights within the ecosystem, where members can have a say in the future direction and valuation of projects, to potential preferential access to new launches, allowing members early and possibly exclusive entry into upcoming projects.

Moreover, active participation in the campaign enhances the rewards, with contributors not only earning more $PDD but also securing these tokens at more favorable prices. This dynamic encourages a more engaged and proactive community, fostering a supportive environment for both existing projects and future ventures within the PenPad ecosystem.

Privacy and Compliance: A Gateway to Mainstream Adoption

One of the most significant barriers to crypto’s widespread adoption has been the concern over privacy and compliance. PenPad addresses these challenges head-on. Through ZkPrivacy, the platform offers an unprecedented level of on-chain privacy, enabling confidential transfers crucial for protecting sensitive data. This feature is a game-changer for businesses and institutions eyeing blockchain technology but hesitant due to legal and privacy concerns.

Moreover, PenPad’s compliance tools are about to make paradigm shifts in the process of how Web3 projects align with real-world applications and services. By incorporating mechanisms like “deposit managers” and “screeners,” PenPad ensures that projects can meet AML regulations and consumer protection laws without compromising on privacy. This blend of security and compliance opens the door to a new era where finance can be reimagined on a global scale.

Empowering Communities with Progressive Ownership

What truly sets PenPad apart is its commitment to community empowerment. The platform introduces an innovative Initial Progressive Ownership model, rewarding active contributors with PenPal points. This approach recognizes and rewards the community’s engagement, laying the foundation for projects with deeply invested user bases. As PenPad prepares for its IDO, this model promises to be a catalyst for creating vibrant, engaged communities around each launched project.

The PenPad IDO: Invest In Web3 Innovation’s Next Frontier

As the PenPad IDO is about to demolish the records in presale, the crypto community stands on the brink of an unprecedented opportunity. This isn’t just an investment; it’s a chance to be part of a platform that values fairness, privacy, compliance, and community above all. PenPad’s IDO represents a unique moment to contribute to and benefit from a platform poised to redefine the boundaries of the blockchain space.

The initial presale of $PDD tokens on March 25, 2024, with 6 million tokens available for 401 ETH, showcases PenPad’s innovative approach. This strategy seeks to redefine the IDO platform experience by integrating community involvement with the latest technology, setting new industry standards.

Participating in the PenPad IDO is a gateway to being at the forefront of blockchain innovation. It’s an opportunity to support and be part of a platform that:

  • Champions the ethos of fair launches, ensuring a level playing field for all.
  • Offers cutting-edge privacy and compliance features, making it attractive for real-world business applications.
  • Fosters a strong sense of community and ownership among its users, encouraging long-term engagement and growth.
  • Is built on the Scroll blockchain, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and integration with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.


PenPad comes as an opportunity to be part of a journey that promises not just redefining technology but a commitment to transparency, privacy, and community empowerment. The PenPad IDO is more than an event; it’s the beginning of a movement towards a more inclusive, transparent, and innovative digital future.

In joining the PenPad IDO, investors are not just investing in a platform; they are investing in the future of Web3, in projects that will redefine industries, and in a community that will shape the future of finance and beyond. It brings the chance to be part of this groundbreaking journey. The future is not just being built; it’s being written with PenPad.

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