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William Shatner Predicts Where Crypto Will Be When We Reach the Star Trek Years

The well-known actor who portrayed Captain Kirk in Star Trek, William Shatner, made an appearance at Consensus 2023 on Thursday to announce an NFT project that would follow his successful collection from three years earlier.

The 92-year-old man discussed why Web 3 in entertainment excites him and his predictions for the future of cryptocurrency by the time humanity reaches the Star Trek era. 

Shatner explained that his first encounter with NFTs occurred in 2020 when 125,000 William Shatner trading cards on the Wax blockchain were instantly sold out. An X-ray of his tooth was one of the NFTs.

The Web 3 gaming company Orange Comet later got in touch with him to help launch his new collection, “Infinite Connections,” which features 2500 3-dimensional portraits of Shatner that express his belief that “everything is connected.” I don’t know how to program, but I do understand emotions, drama, and lovely things, he admitted. “I’m an expert in that type of field.”

Later, Shatner discovered that NFTs can be “malleable” and “creative,” As a result, he developed an interest in Web 3, a rapidly developing technology. 

I wanted to be a part of the romance, the future, and the things that are happening to young people, he continued.

Shatner responded that cryptocurrency will be “way, so high” by the time we reach the time period of his universe when asked if Captain Kirk himself would be interested in it. 

“I would think that the people today who are going to live two or three hundred years are going to buy crypto now before it explodes,” he said of the cryptocurrency coins, which would be worth thousands of dollars. 

However, Shatner ultimately rejected some well-liked predictions made by crypto “doomsayers” that fiat currencies will fail, believing that the United States will prosper in a crypto-based future. 

Although Shatner does not personally own any cryptocurrency, he is receptive to its potential value. “If enough people think it’s something, then it is,” he continued. 


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