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Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton criticizes those who support Sam Bankman-Fried.

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In the realm of public discourse, he proffered the notion that individuals harboring sympathies for such a cause ought to be excluded from the coveted interviews gracing the esteemed television screens of networks like CBS’s 60 Minutes.

The legal luminary and fervent advocate for cryptocurrency, John Deaton, did not mince words as he castigated the ardent supporters of the former FTX CEO, Sam “SBF” Bankman-Fried, amidst the ongoing legal trials pertaining to the precipitous collapse of their cryptocurrency enterprise.

Taking to the digital pulpit, specifically an X (formerly Twitter) post, Deaton vehemently opined that those who sought to portray SBF as a well-intentioned virtuoso, marred only by errors, were ill-suited to steward the financial destinies of others. He went so far as to propose that individuals of such inclinations should be deemed unworthy of gracing the distinguished stages of prominent television shows, much like the venerable CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Within the cryptocurrency community, a conspicuous schism has come to light. On one side, a contingent exhibits profound apprehension concerning the alleged investor fraud charges looming over SBF, while on the other, there are fervent efforts to cast him in a favorable light within the media landscape. Even in the wake of FTX’s bankruptcy filing, SBF continued to court the limelight, often depicted as a paragon of the cryptocurrency realm, a narrative that has ignited a caustic backlash from the Web3 community.

Cointelegraph, steadfast in its journalistic mission, diligently reports from the frontlines of Bankman-Fried’s ongoing trial. Here, the former FTX CEO faces a litany of seven counts, all revolving around conspiracy and fraud.

It is noteworthy that FTX, in its determined pursuit of justice, has successfully reclaimed over an impressive $7 billion in assets. Nevertheless, there is a burgeoning chorus of voices clamoring for SBF’s sentencing to be rendered as a potent deterrent for prospective industry innovators. Deaton, unswerving in his stance, is resolute in holding Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, SBF’s parents, to a similar standard of accountability.

Despite the legal artillery that FTX’s current leadership has deployed against them, it is a striking fact that no regulatory agency has thus far instigated any legal action against SBF’s parents. Deaton, steadfast in his conviction, perceives Bankman and Fried as sharing an indomitable measure of responsibility for their progeny’s alleged transgressions—a sentiment that resonates with others entrenched within the industry.

In a report by Bloomberg, it has been disclosed that Stanford University has opted to undertake the remarkable step of refunding the entirety of donations that had previously flowed in from FTX, an amount that stands at an approximate $5.5 million.

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