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You Can Now Create a Shitcoin in Less Than 23 Seconds

The cryptocurrency world has always been shrouded in mystery, with only a select few able to create their tokens. However, a recent viral video demonstrated how simple it is for anyone to create their cryptocurrency from the ground up and in record time.

Johnny Shankman, also known on Twitter as whitelights.eth, completed a “speedrun” of creating and deploying a new token in just 27 seconds. The token, dubbed “EASY_MONEY,” was created with the help of a program called Contracts Wizard, which generates code for an ERC-20 token in just a few clicks.

Shankman then used the Remix app to compile the token’s smart contract and deploy it to the Ethereum testnet. The video was shared by several prominent Crypto Twitter accounts, including Loopifyyy, and has since received over 3 million views.

It’s important to note that Shankman’s video was made solely for educational purposes, and the EASY_MONEY token deployed on the Ethereum testnet is not a real token that can be traded.

The recent memecoin boom has increased the popularity of “shitcoins,” with the frog-themed token Pepe increasing in value by more than 5,000% since its inception on April 14. However, Shankman’s video demonstrates that anyone can create their token regardless of usefulness or value.

Shankman revealed in a follow-up comment that someone had created a token with the same name as his explainer, but he did not make it and would not be purchasing it. Less than 24 hours later, another video showed the process completed in 22.45 seconds, setting a new unofficial memecoin speedrun record.

Overall, Shankman’s video serves as a reminder that the cryptocurrency world is ever-changing and that anyone with an internet connection can create their token. It will be interesting to see what other unique tokens emerge in the coming weeks and months as the memecoin trend gains traction.


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