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zkEVM, an idealistic Ethereum community project Within weeks, Scroll will launch.

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Scroll co-founder Ye Zhang has set his sights on creating a decentralized, community-driven, immutable scaling solution for Ethereum. After an intensive two-year development journey, a collective of Ethereum visionaries is on the brink of introducing their zero-knowledge EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) known as “Scroll,” built with a steadfast commitment to Ethereum’s core principles.

While the landscape already boasts several zero-knowledge EVMs, Ye Zhang, co-founder of Scroll, emphasized the “idealistic” nature of their project. He explained that their team remains dedicated to upholding Ethereum’s existing philosophy and principles. Their endeavor, he noted, has primarily been a “labor of love,” fueled by a shared aspiration to scale Ethereum without compromising its decentralization ethos.

Ye Zhang further emphasized that this initiative transcends mere computational problem-solving; it’s driven by human interest. “We embarked on this journey in an open-source, community-driven manner,” he emphasized. “Our goal is to foster organic growth within the community, avoiding overly aggressive or marketing-driven approaches.”

The eagerly anticipated zkEVM is poised for launch within the coming weeks, following rigorous testing and comprehensive code audits. Zhang stated that Scroll’s launch will coincide with the readiness of major projects like Uniswap and Aave to deploy on the Scroll platform.

The accomplished mathematician firmly believes that ZK-rollups represent the “holy grail” of layer-2 scaling solutions, offering exceptional cost-efficiency and security. However, Scroll is entering a competitive ecosystem already populated by zkEVM solutions from the likes of Polygon, Immutable, StarkWare, and ConsenSys’ Linea, which made its debut in August.

Zhang asserted that certain competing systems, such as Linea, have unproven aspects in their circuits. In contrast, Scroll offers a “complete proof” encompassing all Ethereum “opcodes” and transaction components. “So, it’s not just about compatibility; it’s about providing irrefutable evidence for everything we already possess,” he affirmed.

Scroll, a layer-2 scaling project with a two-year development journey, leverages zero-knowledge proofs to offload data compression off-chain, ensuring that only proofs are submitted on-chain. This innovation paves the way for substantially increased throughput. The inclusion of an EVM component ensures full native compatibility with existing Ethereum software and applications.

Ye Zhang acknowledged that the initial setup may involve some centralization, particularly with sequencers. However, he outlined a roadmap geared toward progressively decentralizing these elements over time.

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