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Buterin, the creator of Ethereum Says The Invasion of Russia is a “Crime,”

On Wednesday, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, said in his mother tongue that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “is a crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people.”

“Very unhappy by Putin’s choice to reject the chance of a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Ukraine and instead go to war,” Buterin wrote.

So, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia would execute a “special military operation” in Ukraine. Which is, a barely veiled reference to a complete invasion. That’s, after recognizing the independence of two separatist areas in eastern Ukraine earlier this week.

Buterin tweeted earlier this month,

“An attack on Ukraine can only harm Russia, Ukraine, and mankind,”

Thereby, pleading with Putin to de-escalate a situation of Russia’s own making.

Notably, Buterin was born in Russia in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s demise. That’s, before fleeing to Canada with his family in 2000, the same year Putin was elected president.

Dmitry, Buterin , has strong feelings about Russia’s strongman. In an early 2021 interview with Decrypt, he said,

“He’s KGB, and those are the folks that tortured and killed millions of Russians and Ukrainians.”

Buterin, the younger, has dabbled in diplomacy. He met with Putin in 2017 in an attempt to persuade Russia to join the Ethereum network. So, Putin has taken a swipe at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Then, He recently defied Russia’s central bank by claiming that the country’s energy resources provide the country with

“certain competitive advantages” in Bitcoin mining.

Lastly, According to a 2019 Wired article, Russia could use Bitcoin mining in former Soviet states to “end run” US sanctions.

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