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PlasmaPay launches DeFi Dashboard Plasma. Finance

PlasmaPay launches DeFi Dashboard Plasma. Finance

According to a recent update, PlasmaPay introduces Plasma. Finance, a DeFi dashboard. It will aim to bridge the gap between the centralized and decentralized financial markets. PlasmaPay is a global payments and remittance platform. It grants cryptocurrency wallet and digital payments based dApp to its users. With two prevailing platforms, the project offers simple fiat on/off ramp services utilizing mobile or desktop apps. Moreover, the project assists users from 165 countries.

Attributes of DeFi Dashboard Plasma. Finance

Plasma. Finance will offer users famous DeFi protocols by fetching everything in a single interface. It will perform as an extensive solution for amateurs and experienced crypto users. Moreover, it will also offer Web 3.0 wallet support via Metamask and Wallet Connect. Additionally, Plasma. Finance offers various characteristics. It involves developing liquidity pools, depositing funds in DeFi protocols, DEX aggregators (Uniswap, 1inch, Balancer), borrowing or lending, portfolio management, Ethereum/BSC/Plasma/Polkadot chain support. 

The DeFi dashboard will enable users to avail a market overview. Additionally, it will also offer insights into decentralized exchanges (DEXes), savings accounts, liquidity pools, cross-chain swaps, and more. In addition, users can simply purchase, sell, or exchange digital assets utilizing the PlasmaPay dashboard.

Moreover, PlasmaPay announced an upgrade to Plasma DLT to eliminate gas fees. Plasma Chain is an essential component of PlasmaPay’s vision to develop the foundation of the financial services for the global digital economy of Web 3.0. With the conventional transaction fees model, users have to engage with the undesirable cost of additional charges at peak network hours and a surge in the cost of gas on Ethereum. Thus, PlasmaPay introduced PlasmaPay’s Chain. It enables near-immediate token variations with zero fees and maintains the complete range of DeFi tokens, still providing over 50,000 transactions per second. 

Plasma Chain highlights various innovations that sustain its effectiveness, with PlasmaPay competent of serving as a link between two chains. Furthermore, cross-chain technology will allow users to buy crypto assets like Ethereum and other DeFi tokens on the Plasma Chain without the requirement for gas fees. It also intends to support Cosmos, EOS, and Binance Smart Chain, so that DeFi investors will be capable of broadening their horizons and access as broad a range of financial opportunities as possible. 

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