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Russia Seizes 4 Major DarkWeb Carding Sites With Estimated Crypto Sales of $263 Million

Four significant DarkWeb sites have been shut down by the Russian Interior Ministry. The DarkWeb sites specialize in selling stolen payment card information from merchants and payment processors. These stolen cards are used by cybercriminals to buy and sell goods online. ‘Carding’ is the term for this method of operation.

Authorities’ intensifying crackdown has led numerous stolen credit card market dealers to shut down their websites. According to rough estimates, the market is worth roughly $263 million in total collects. Joker’s Stash, one of the most well-known dealers of stolen credit cards, has ceased operations. This year, the UniCC, the second-largest vendor of stolen cards, came in second.

Forum Shop and Trump’s Dumps, two prominent Stolen Credit Card merchants, were confiscated by the Russian Interior Ministry.

Following its demise, Forum Shop, which opened in 2013, quickly rose to the top of the market. It made $256 million in Bitcoin from the selling of stolen credit cards.

Trump’s Dump is a magnetic strip data reseller known for branding itself with the image of former US President Donald Trump. Since 2017, it is estimated to have produced a profit of $4.1 million.

Sky-Fraud is another big fish in the shady business. It’s a popular carding forum where cybercriminals debate carding strategies and other money laundering techniques. Trump’s Dump and Forum Shop were mentioned in almost every thread on the forum.

UAS Store, RDP Credentials Vendor is another dark actor in stolen goods. Many workers worked remotely from their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. RDP was made available to them by their workplaces (Remote Desktop Protocol). Hackers gained access to poorly designed enterprise networks, acquired victims’ RDP passwords, and then placed them on the UAS Store.

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