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See Pictures: Bitcoin Chart Turned Into Vaporwave Print

Bitcoin has opened up new dimensions all over the globe and artists are also trying to make the most of it. There were times when Vincent Van Gogh or Picasso painted the most beautiful arts ever in the history and they used the basic elements for it. But as time has grown artists have given new directions to their art.

Following are the collections of vaporware artwork posted on Reddit. It garnered far more than 400 upvotes in hours. Let us have a look at some of them.

Bitcoin (Courtesy: Reddit)
Bitcoin (Courtesy: Reddit)

The above picture is a depiction of the volatile run that Bitcoin has endured over the five years span. It has brilliantly presented by the peak mountains and moonlight.

Bitcoin (Courtesy: Reddit)

The above picture was created by innovator Gladys Estolas. She has said to have developed interest in turning stock market data into fascinating art with Adobe Illustrator’s pen after she started tinkering with the Robinhood app back in February. 

Earlier, as far as the market is concerned – It has been a regular day in crypto market with most currencies showing routine fluctuations. Bitcoin and Ethereum grew nearly by one per cent but the talk of town was Cosmos which delivered an over 22% growth. The growth delivered by cosmos is the most by any other cryptocurrency in the top 20 chart.

On Friday, Chainlink delivered massive growth in the past few week of time. The growth also saw it overtaking Bitcoin Cash in due course. The mammoth growth enabled Chainlink to reach nearly $20 mark.

However, all the progress made by Chainlink, has been hit with a jolt. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has dropped majorly by 13 per cent to record a price of nearly $14.

This is a remarkable change in Chainlink as it had hit it peak performance of the last few years before registering the downfall. As a result of the downfall, Chainlink has also again dropped behind Bitcoin Cash, to ranked at the sixth spot among all cryptocurrencies.

Chainlink, now, has has a marketcap of $4,901,315,057 in comparison to $5,390,990,310 of Bitcoin Cash. The latter, which had dominated its position for quite sometime, is priced at just above $291 at the moment.

Bitcoin Cash has also shown more resistance in comparison to Chainlink as it has dropped marginally by only 0.71% at the time of publishing the article.

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