Chainlink Surpasses Bitcoin Cash In Major Turnover

ChainLink (Nairametrics)
ChainLink (Nairametrics)

Chainlink has been breaking records in the recent past and it continues to scale new heights. In a major turn of events, Chainlink which was once priced at $0.73 has now went up to the the price of $15.81.

In fact, Chainlink has gained more than Bitcoin and Ethereum in the current market as it dominates the market growth. The cryptocurrency has now surpassed Bitcoin Cash with a massive over 21% growth to priced at $15.81.

Significantly, the change of events for Chainlink has occurred time where all the other cryptocurrencies are diminishing on a gradual rate. The new position for Chainlink comes after it surpassed Bitcoin Cash which fell by -0.11% to record a price of $283.67.

However, the market cap for Bitcoin Cash is currently at $5,244,463,979 in comparison to the $5,532,128,334 of Chainlink.

Earlier in the day, after a period of turbulence, which saw Bitcoin resist from reaching the 12k mark, the price has now taken a dip by 4.45% as it now stands at $11,313. Similarly, Ethereum has also plunged by over 5 per cent as it is now priced at $371.28.

The drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies is significant as it comes after Bitcoin and Ethereum held their ground for a long period of time. The two top cryptocurrencies also helped the investors earn major profit with their growth rate in the recent times.

Among the top coins XRP saw a massive fall as it dropped by over 8 per cent to record its price at $12,440 while Tether dropped marginally to be rated at $9,987.