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Bitcoin World is a Facebook group with 98500+ members. Bitcoin World group was started on 26 November 2016 and in the past 3 years they have reached approx 100k members.

Bitcoin world group founder Mr. Mohit Kumar who is trading in Crypto Space since September 2016 and involved in many big projects like Save Environment Token and also having connections with Top-most leaders of Crypto space and fund managers.

The vision behind of group is to acknowledge people about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and also be aware of market updates and share opinions on market trends.And after reaching a benchmark of 100k member of our group we are taking steps toward to give our member a unique Media platform with quality of Cryptocurrency and Wall-street news feeds ,Airdrop programs and AMA.

Our Team

Mohit Kumar


Mohit Budania

Media Designer

Keshav Aggrawal

Business development manager

Neha Kumar

Marketing Manager

Harsh Sangwan

Content contributor