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Simplex adds Cardano to Meet Increasing Demand for ADA.

Simplex adds Cardano to Meet Increasing Demand for ADA.

Leading Payment processing solutions Simplex revealed it would add Cardano to its list of supported crypto to satisfy a surge in retail demand for ADA. Cardano’s native crypto, ADA, will be accessible for direct acquisitions from debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, or even bank transfers. Simplex elaborated that the extension of ADA appears after a precise analysis of the token and the blockchain project behind it. The statement called Cardano the first blockchain platform established on peer-review research and produced via evidence-based methods.

Furthermore, Simples believed in Cardano’s ability to positively impact several spheres of routine lives. It is secure to protect the information of billions, scalable enough to accommodate global systems, and strong enough to support foundational change. Cardano’s growing popularity and development activity were amongst the fundamental drivers behind the addition. Cardano’s native token has been amongst the most compelling performers after the commencement of 2021. It traded almost $0.18 on January 1st but immediately began to pick up the pace in the subsequent months.

ADA is the Sixth Largest Crypto by Market Cap

By the end of February, ADA had designed a new ATH (all-time high) following a 730% surge to approximately $1.5. The volatility in the crypto market touched ADA as well, and it dropped below $1 shortly after. Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency continued its bull run reasonably quickly and attained a new record of over $1.55 a few weeks back. Notwithstanding backtracking to $1.3, its market cap is well above $40 billion, and ADA is recently the sixth-largest crypto by that metric.

Moreover, Simplex provides a complete fiat or crypto infrastructure globally by functioning alongside famous names in the crypto ecosystem like Binance, BitPay, and Huobi. The status quo of crypto on-off ramps has been evolving after 2014 due to Simplex. Additionally, Simplex founded their first riskless global fiat onramp with a credit card and debit card providing zero chargeback guarantee. Simplex is also an EU financial approved entity and a Visa network Principal Member. It was one of 10 cryptocurrency firms with the most notable impact in 2020.

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