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The Buyers of Bored Ape #6709 (Worth 100 ETH) Have Revealed Their Identity

The Astronaut Bored Ape #6709 was recently purchased by a major player. The new owner of this NFT paid 100ETH, or $420,000, for it. This is the second time the Bored Ape #6709 has been sold, according to Opensea statistics. In May of last year, the previous owner purchased the NFT for only 0.75 Eth.

So, who purchased this NFT? Horizen Labs is a Web3.0 development company. For the “decentralization revolution,” they create blockchain products and technologies.

Horizen Labs purchased the Ape shortly after the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) team announced their relationship with Horizen Labs on Twitter. They claim it was to show their support for the NFT space, which includes the BAYC and the community.

Horizen Labs’ President, Dean Steinbeck, stated that they wanted to be a part of the BAYC community and wanted to participate in a variety of ways. “This includes introducing new products and services to the ecosystem to broaden and strengthen it.”

Horizen Labs’ participation in the BAYC indicates to their long-term goal of entering the tokenization space quickly.

Horizen also claims to be working on its own tokenization platform, which they plan to deploy soon.
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