TRON-DeFi (Courtesy: Twitter)
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TRON’s DeFi Registers Scam As $2 Million Disappears

TRON-DeFi (Courtesy: Twitter)
TRON-DeFi (Courtesy: Twitter)

A twitter user named ‘cyber_hokie’ enlightened about the first scam of TRON’s DeFi. Via his tweet, attached with some evident screenshots, he mentioned that $2 million vanished within the wink of an eye.

“So apparently one of the first whitelisted (yeah that’s a thing) DeFi projects on TRON / JustSwap, TRON Supernode, exit scammed last week and took $2m+ in TX (56m+) with them. Vanished completely. Shut down twitter, telegram, and their site. But… they were approved!,” he tweeted.

“I don’t see any crypro outlets covering it oddly. But i’d be interested in seeing what kind of liability comes into play for the Tron Foundation since they directly oversee the JustSwap whitelist / vetting process,” he added in the tweet.

According to media reports, TRON Supernode could be the first scam of the nascent DeFi ecosystem on the platform. The project offered significant daily rewards to its users of 4.5% and 7.5% for NODE token holders. Data from the and user reviews show that the platform only had 1 of 5 stars, and since the fraud reports, has lost an important number of users and transaction volume, as shown below.

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