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36% of the Top 1,000 Crypto Projects Went Silent on Blogging This Year

Over a third of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects, including cryptocurrency companies and particular tokens, haven’t updated their websites with new information since 2023.

According to a May 1 research released by blockchain marketing agency Guerilla Buzz, whose clients include CoinGecko and cryptocurrency exchange AAX, a frightening 35.8% of the top 1,000 cryptocurrency projects have failed to update their websites with any new written content this year.

Furthermore, only 49.7% of these 1,000 projects had published more than two new articles by 2023, according to the report. According to Guerilla Buzz researchers, the idea for the comparative study sprang from their observation that “many crypto companies do not prioritize strong marketing foundations.” Instead of focusing on long-term organic growth, most of these companies focus on “creating buzz for their token sales” and “opting for short-lived growth spurts.”

According to the paper, the research approach was “labor-intensive” yet “straightforward.” First, researchers manually checked the websites of the top 1,000 crypto projects to see if there was a blog. They then examined how many articles were published in previous years and how many new blog posts were submitted in 2023.

Binance’s BNB Chain was the clear blogging leader among the top ten crypto projects this year, with 59 new articles published. With 12 and 36 new posts, Cardano ($0.392) and Polygon ($1.0010) tied for second place.

According to the analysis, the free blog hosting site Medium emerged as the most chosen blogging medium for Bitcoin activities. This tendency is reported to have continued since the initial coin offering boom of 2017, when hundreds of new projects surfaced overnight, many of which depended only on a one-page website, a white paper, and “lofty promises of a tech revolution.”

While Medium remains the preferred platform for many cryptocurrency-related blogs, it may not be the best option for businesses seeking long-term growth. According to academics, these firms ultimately benefit Medium’s traffic and growth rather than their own by relying on Medium’s platform.

“While Medium may have been an obvious choice for cryptocurrency companies looking to generate buzz quickly due to its excellent on-page SEO capabilities and high domain authority, this focus on short-term gains may not be sustainable in the long run.”


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