July 24, 2024
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83% Of All Bitcoin Holders Still In Profit Despite Drop Below $60K

83% Of All Bitcoin Holders Still In Profit Despite Drop Below $60,000

According to data, a total of 83% of all Bitcoin holders are still seeing profit despite the BTC price drop below $60K, as it currently sits below $59,000.

BTC Price Chart | Source: Coinstats


Over the weekend, the Bitcoin price dropped below $60,000 amid rapid selling by major holders such as the German and US governments. 

This led to one of the largest drops seen for the pioneer cryptocurrency in the last two years, costing the market billions of dollars. 

However, despite this, Bitcoin holders are still seeing major gains, with the vast majority of investors currently in profit despite the market crash.

Bitcoin Holders Enjoy Massive Gains

According to data from the on-chain tracker IntoTheBlock, there are around 53.57 million Bitcoin holders worldwide. Of these investors, a total of 83% are still seeing profit despite the BTC price drop below $60,000, as it currently sits just slightly above $59,000.

This figure leaves just around 17% of the total BTC holders that are not currently seeing a profit. Out of this figure, 13% are losing money, meaning they bought their BTC coins when the price was higher than the current value, leaving 4% of holders at breakeven. 

This means that this 4% bought their coins around the current value, so they are neither making nor losing money at the current price.

At these percentages, it means that around 44.61 million Bitcoin investors are still enjoying profits in their positions. 6.8 million BTC holders are suffering losses now, and around 2.16 million investors are currently sitting at breakeven.

Interestingly, the majority of these investors sitting in profit have their entry prices below $50,000, meaning that even with another 10% crash from here, the vast majority of Bitcoin investors would still be seeing their holdings in profit.

BTC Long-Term Holders At Risk Of Losses

While the data shows that the vast majority of Bitcoin investors are still seeing profits, there is a growing trend that is particularly affecting long-term holders. 

According to a Sentiment report, the average returns of Bitcoin long-term holders risk falling into losses for the first time in more than one year.

However, this is not a negative thing for the price, given how BTC has responded in the past when the average long-term holder returns fell into the red. 

As Santiment notes, this is usually a good time to buy, especially when “Bitcoin’s 30-day and 365-day MVRV are in negative territory.” The tracker further added, “This is when there is mathematical validation that you are buying relative to other traders’ pain.”

To put how much of a good buying opportunity this is, “If you had bought the last time both of these lines were in negative territory, your return on BTC would be at +132%,” Santiment notes. To put it in plain terms, developments like these can often be a good indicator of where the bottom is and when to start buying.