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Aaron Arnold Mentions Top 5 Altcoins With Big Potential As 2021 Ends

Aaron Arnold , Crypto trader and Altcoin Daily co-host reveals his five top crypto assets that are ready to move.

So, Aaron has 1.08 million YouTube subscribers. Then, he goes to reveals his first pick as Polkadot (DOT).

Furthermore, Aaron notes a huge bullish run as the platform’s anticipates its parachain slot auctions. Which of course, will allow blockchains to launch on the network. So, Aaron Arnold believes DOT is ready to rally in November.

“Parachain auctions are likely to begin November 4th, and if they don’t happen November 4th,..”
“[then] they’re going to happen sometime around there. The point is, Polkadot is entering into its next level.”

Then, Aaron Arnold concludes.

Secondly, is Ethereum (ETH) smart contract competitor Avalanche (AVAX).
Additionally, Aaron reveals that AVAX is growing in popularity among venture capital investors.

“Avalanche Foundation continues to just funnel VC money into its ecosystem,…”
“which means it is attracting some of the best in this space. This is hugely bullish for Avalanche.”

So, Aaron Arnold continues.

“They’re spending the money, and they’re going to bring in a lot of building,…”
“development and money, so I’m bullish on Avalanche.”

Furthermore, Aaron Arnold also mentions that the Avalanche Foundation launching Blizzard. Which of course, is a $220-million investment fund, which will facilitate development in decentralized finance (DeFi). Also, in non-fungible token (NFT) platforms with other ‘emerging use cases.’

Thirdly, Aaron mentions Cardano (ADA), indicating on-chain data from the Cardano showing usage on the network is increasing rapidly.

“Bullish on Cardano, particularly because of this: Cardano (ADA) usage is trending up,..”
“whether we’re talking about total number of transactions, transactions per day, total fees per day”

More so, Aaron Arnold continues.

“All of this is incredibly bullish for Cardano and it’s nice to see its ecosystem growing so greatly.”

Fourthly, Aaron mentions the metaverse token Decentraland (MANA) as another top competitor.

Furthermore, Aaron Arnold notes how Facebook’s announcement will focus on metaverse development. In turn, will motivate investors’ to move into the sector, helping MANA’s price spike over 300%.

Lastly, Aaron then lists THORChain (RUNE), noting its ability to enable cross-chain swaps. Especially, between Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and THORChain, offering more interoperability to DeFi.

“To be quite honest with you guys, the more I learn about THORChain, the more into it I become. It seems useful.”

Notably, Aaron Arnold explains.

“Of course there’s no KYC (know your customer) with all of this, which again makes it so cool.”

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