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According to the co-founder of Sandbox, Metaverse is dead in the West but’so hot’ in Asia.

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Amidst the ever-evolving tapestry of the metaverse, a resurgence is witnessed on the distant shores of Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. While denizens of the United States may perceive the metaverse as dormant, its pulse beats fervently across the Asian landscape, as articulated by Sebastien Borget, the esteemed co-founder and chief operating officer of The Sandbox.

During an enlightening conversation with Cointelegraph at the Asian Blockchain Gaming Alliance’s Web3 Summit in Singapore on September 12, Borget unveiled a revelation—over the past year, a staggering 50% of The Sandbox’s ventures have sprouted from the fertile soil of various Asian nations. His words ring with gravity: neglect Asia at your peril, for to the North American and Western observer, the metaverse may appear lifeless, but in Asia, it burns with an incandescent fervor. The vanguards of this fervor? None other than Hong Kong and Korea, perched atop the hierarchy, with Japan in tow.

Yet, Borget tantalizingly alluded to an imminent revelation—a grand spectacle to unfold at Token 2049 in Singapore. Enter Lion City, an innovative addition to the Sandbox metaverse—an assemblage of 512 virtual land plots, poised to serve as an embodiment of Singapore’s vibrant culture through a harmonious union with global brands.

Intriguingly, Borget divulged a significant milestone in The Sandbox’s journey—a triumphant virtual land sale in Turkey. There, the metaverse has established a thriving ecosystem, akin to a sprawling rainforest teeming with vitality. “The Sandbox ecosystem has blossomed, nurturing over 400 brands, forming alliances with 700 partners worldwide, and garnering recognition from 200 accredited agencies, all of whom contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Sandbox,” he proudly declared.

While the Western embrace of the metaverse appears to wane, Borget gazes into the horizon with optimism, where Web3 and virtual reality unveil a panorama of new prospects. Foremost among these is the advent of dynamic NFTs, offering creators the power to metamorphose metadata, thereby reshaping the essence and attributes of an asset. Borget muses, drawing parallels to the tangible world—does it not matter whether a tennis racket bears the mark of Pete Sampras, before or after its use?

Additionally, Borget lauds Apple’s unveiling of the Augmented Reality Vision Pro headset as a watershed moment for the metaverse. This technological marvel brings digital assets to life within physical realms, blurring the lines between the virtual and the real, allowing them to seamlessly coexist. “With your content now within arm’s reach, the possibilities for interaction are boundless,” Borget enthused.

Ultimately, Borget dispels the notion that there exists a singular path to widespread Web3 adoption within the metaverse realm. While the traditional gaming industry champions the integration of blockchain as a mere feature, he offers a counterpoint. Metaverses like The Sandbox forge new frontiers, crafting unique experiences that diverge from the conventional gaming landscape, demonstrating that in this digital renaissance, there is no fixed formula for success.

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