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After lying dormant since 2009, almost $4,300,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly moves

After 12 years of inactivity, two massive Bitcoin (BTC) addresses have resurfaced.

As Whale Alert tracks in a series of tweets, the two Bitcoin addresses that were previously active in 2009 have moved a total 100 Bitcoin within minutes of each other, according to blockchain data monitoring tool BTCparser.

The oldest of the two addresses was formed on November 22nd, 2009, and has recently sent little more than 50 Bitcoin to an unidentified address.

The more recent of the two addresses was formed on November 23rd, 2009, and has recently sent slightly more than 50 Bitcoin to an unknown address.

Despite the fact that the two addresses started with 50 Bitcoin each, they have only received trace quantities of BTC over the course of their decade-plus existence. The little sums of Bitcoin sent to these addresses are most likely “dusting attacks,” which are attempts to discover wallet holders’ identities.

Whenever an early-mined BTC becomes active, traders take notice since it’s possible that the coin belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin. Satoshi is thought to have mined roughly one million Bitcoins, which would be worth over $43 billion at today’s values.

Until today, the two addresses’ last known activity took place less than eleven months after Bitcoin was initially mined in January 2009. It also happened just over a year before Satoshi vanished.

Satoshi’s last publicly confirmed digital appearance was in December 2010 on the BitcoinTalk online forum, when the pseudonymous creator discussed a Bitcoin software update intended to mitigate denial-of-service assaults.

In November of 2009, Bitcoin was trading at around $0.001. At the time of writing, the flagship cryptocurrency was selling for $43,482.

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