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Another Canada situation is being thwarted by a new crypto bill drafted by a Republican lawmaker

The efforts of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to freeze the anti-vaccine mandate protestors’ bank. Them, and crypto exchange accounts pressured the protest organizers, who brought international trading to a halt.

Trudeau may find pro-crypto American lawmakers running up to congratulate him for warning them to the dangers of authoritarian governments compromising the privacy of crypto wallets if he solves the problem of the “Freedom Convoy.” A Republican lawmaker has already filed legislation to protect the US government from a Trudeau-style crackdown.

The use of emergency powers by the Canadian Prime Minister has reignited long-simmering debates over crypto’s role in inciting civil disobedience and illicit conduct. While admitting the potential for crypto to inspire unlawful actors, Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) advises using digital assets to assist civil liberties lobbyists opposing oppressive regimes.

Following the publication of Chainalysis’ cryptocurrency crime report, which highlights how cryptocurrency crime surged by 79 percent in 2021. So, governments have every right to be concerned about criminal elements, especially in the specialized decentralized financial field.

Decentralized finance services do away with traditional payment middlemen and procedures. That’s, instead relying on a piece of code known as a smart contract to carry out financial operations like lending, borrowing. Then, and developing investments.
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