AOT – Age Of Tanks Public Whitelist


AOT Public whitelist! It’s a new day and a new age is imminent, This is the age of tanks.

Today we will hold Age of Tanks IGO and you should be ready for the battle, don’t be left behind. So, Let’s check the details:

Time is at, 1 PM – 3 PM UTC

So, Look at the Tiers allocations in much clearer details.

Tier 1: 10.64 BUSD (NEW: 500 Lottery winners)
Tier 2: 17.73 BUSD
Tier 3: 48.75 BUSD
Tier 4: 106.35 BUSD
Tier 5: 168.40 BUSD
Tier 6: 230.44 BUSD
Tier 7: 620.40 BUSD
Tier 8: 1329.44 BUSD
Tier 9: 2880.44 BUSD

More so, This is the link to the whitelist:
Furthermore, the Total Participants is at 3478.

More so, the AOT project has a total Allocation of 300K BUSD (5% success fee included). Then, $AOT IGO Price is sitting at 0.10 BUSD, with its Vesting period: 20% TGE, then progressively to 20% monthly

Notably, $AOT will start with a listing Price of 0.10 BUSD

So, check out more information on the Age of Tanks official website…

Link to Age of Tanks Twitter Link :

Also, AOT Telegram Link :

Then, AOT Medium Link :

Lastly, AOT Discord Link :



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