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Artion, The New NFT Marketplace Andre Cronje Rolls Out

Coder and DeFi developer Andre Cronje successfully rolls out a beta version (Artion) of a new NFT marketplace on the Fantom network.

Futhermore, The decentralized network Fantom accepts its newest ecosystem addition.

In a blog post on September 24th, the network announces the beta version of its new NFT marketplace, Artion.

Furthermore, Artion boasts of open-source coding, fast transaction speeds, and low costs.

Cronje is the founder of major DeFi entity Yearn Finance. Additionally, 2020 DeFi Prime named him the “DeFi Person of the Year” for his contributions to the space.

Also, Block Research data reveals the DeFi space is the crypto industry’s fastest growing sector. This latest announcement out of the Fantom network ties with the NFT boom with DeFi growth.

Notably, This new Artion NFT marketplace operates with ERC20 tokens based on the Fantom network. Additionally, it includes fUSDT, USDC, DAI, and wFTM. There’s a built-in swap station to wrap/unwrap these tokens.

Artion Boasts Low Fees And High Efficiency

The blogpost reveals marketplace boasts low minting fees 10 FTM, and 0% commissions on sales. Moreover, this comes as high fees on other networks are receiving scrutiny from regulators.

“Our mission, in short, is to unburden creators of the high-fees and constraints that limit the potential of imagination,”
the update reads.

Additionally, Artion boasts of efficient open source UX design for fast load time and responsiveness.

Artion has a built-in Ethereum-Fantom NFT bridge for interoperability with collectibles from other NFT marketplace.

This makes it the first cross-chain NFT marketplace. Those in other networks with high fees and processing times can now move their collections to Fantom.

Conclusively, The release of Artion is the latest major news from the Fantom network. This is after it released a 370 million FTM incentive program for protocol teams on the network in August.

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