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Binance, a bitcoin exchange, announced that it has resumed operations in this nation!

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In the month of June, Binance received a mandate to immediately terminate its operations in Belgium. This development prompted the exchange to redirect its Belgian user base to the Binance Polish division. Revival of Cryptocurrency Exchange Services by Binance in Belgium The cryptocurrency exchange powerhouse, Binance, has once again flung open the gates for registration and access to its services to crypto enthusiasts in Belgium. This welcoming gesture comes three months after the Belgian financial regulatory authority issued an order for the cessation of all cryptocurrency-related services by the exchange. “We extend a warm invitation to residents of Belgium for fresh registrations on our platform,” proclaimed Binance in an official statement on platform X. Binance has affirmed that various products and services within its portfolio will once again become available to Belgian users who consent to the updated Terms of Use. On the 23rd of June, the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority leveled accusations against Binance for alleged violations of Belgium’s laws pertaining to money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. This was in connection with their purported provision of crypto-related services “from countries that are not members of the European Economic Area.” Subsequently, the court issued a decisive order mandating Binance to halt all relevant services within Belgian territory “immediately.” Furthermore, Binance was tasked with contacting all its customers residing in Belgium and facilitating the return of all cryptocurrency holdings and private keys currently held by the exchange. Binance’s official statement, however, refrained from disclosing specific alterations that enabled the resumption of services for its Belgian user base.

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