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Binance.US reduces workforce by a third as CEO Brian Shroder departs

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“Amidst legal actions initiated by regulatory authorities in the United States, Binance.US, the American counterpart of the cryptocurrency exchange, has undertaken a significant downsizing, reducing its workforce by approximately one-third, amounting to the termination of 100 positions. This restructuring coincides with the departure of its President and CEO, Brian Shroder.

A spokesperson representing Binance.US has officially confirmed these layoffs and Mr. Shroder’s departure to Cointelegraph. The spokesperson elaborated that these actions were undertaken to secure the exchange’s financial stability, ensuring it possesses a robust financial foundation that extends over seven years, particularly as it pivots towards becoming a cryptocurrency-exclusive exchange.

The spokesperson further emphasized, ‘The aggressive efforts by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to impede our industry, and the consequent ramifications on our operations, have tangible and adverse effects on American employment and innovation. Regrettably, this event serves as a poignant illustration of that.’

Norman Reed, the Chief Legal Officer, has assumed an interim role as the replacement for Mr. Shroder. Brian Shroder had assumed his position at Binance.US in September 2021, and his departure transpires in the midst of a wave of regulatory scrutiny directed at the organization in recent months.

Notably, the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission initiated legal action against Binance, Binance.US, and the exchange’s co-founder, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. Their allegations encompass charges of operating an unlawful exchange, selling unregistered securities, contravening commodities regulations, and mishandling customer funds.

On June 9th, the exchange suspended dollar deposits and communicated to its user base the temporary suspension of fiat withdrawal channels in light of its ongoing legal battle with the SEC. Binance.US subsequently transitioned into a cryptocurrency-exclusive exchange for a period of two months, with the restoration of USD ramps only occurring in August following a strategic partnership with MoonPay.

Meanwhile, a report published by Reuters in July, citing data from Kaiko, indicates that Binance.US experienced a significant decline in market share within the United States. Specifically, its market share plummeted from over 22% in April to a mere 0.9% as of June 26th.”

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