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Bitcoin Suisse Explains why Swiss is a Crypto Pivot Point: Davos 2023

The CEO of Bitcoin Suisse underlines the value of “Swiss excellence” and “secure custody” in the crypto business. ” Switzerland is a “pivot point” for cryptocurrency acceptance in Europe and remains the “focal point of the next stage of institutionalisation,” according to Dr. Dirk Klee, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse.

In an exclusive Cointelegraph interview streetside in Davos, Switzerland, the CEO revealed why Switzerland is still the #1 destination for crypto in Europe and will continue to attract institutional investors.

Klee explained in an interview with Cointelegraph writer Gareth Jenkinson:

“A lot of trust has been destroyed and eroded in the last year and we want to be kind of the center point of the next stage of institutionalization, you know, making the place more accessible, easier to use, but also safer.”

Bitcoin Suisse, founded in 2013, is one of the oldest Bitcoin and crypto enterprises, focusing in asset safekeeping, including “custody solutions deep in the Swiss mountains,” according to Klee.

Switzerland is a well-known crypto safe haven in Europe. The landlocked country is known for its involvement in the development of Ethereum and is home to Crypto Valley, a conducive environment for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

Switzerland also features the Bitcoin and crypto-friendly city of Lugano, which organises an annual Bitcoin conference and has even accepted Bitcoin Lightning at McDonald’s.

However, even in Switzerland, crypto confidence fell in 2022, owing to the FTX disaster and its ripple effects across the industry: “It’s a setback for the industry. It has destroyed several trusts and, you know, has affected many investors,” Klee added.

In such circumstances, it is beneficial to recall historical Swiss values. Switzerland remains a “secure haven for business.”

“The Swiss finish, the Swiss quality, is a narrative and a quality sign that this industry needs because—you know—you need to have a trusted place.”

Thousands of crypto aficionados have come to the World Economic Forum’s crypto and blockchain events. The event was held in the heart of the Alps, in the Davos ski resort, and it appears that the global bear market did not disrupt the Swiss charm.


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