July 25, 2024
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Bitrue Introduces Two New Features to Assist Crypto Investors in Making the Most of Their Crypto Assets


Bitrue has announced the launch of two new investment features on its platform to help investors. These features will not only help users increase their crypto holdings, but will also give them more control over what happens on the platform.

Users are practically taking matters into their own hands with relation to their crypto investment thanks to these new features. Bitrue, a platform that has been known for providing consumers with APRs of 50% or greater for over three years, has unveiled its new features at a critical time. It also keeps loyal to its nature by launching new, market-leading investment trends.

Holders of Bitrue tokens can stake them to express support for a new coin that isn’t yet available on the platform. When a coin receives a certain number of votes, it is promoted to the exchange for listing.

Furthermore, Bitrue users earn the most from their vote because they are able to enter a 7-day staking period during which they can mine exclusively for the currency they voted to be listed, resulting in up to 80% APRs.

The platform’s yield farming hub is the platform’s second feature. Bitrue, which was just launched a few weeks ago, allows users to join hundreds of new and existing staking pools in the DeFi market. Rather of participating in these pools directly and risking significant losses, Bitrue manages the pool logistics on behalf of the customers. The average return on investment for all staked cryptocurrencies in these staking pools is a whopping 60%.

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