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Blockchain Privacy Groups Urge new US Congress to Protect Privacy Rights

Fight for the Future, a digital advocacy group, has gathered a group of prominent signatories to its call for digital privacy, balanced power, and human rights.

Fight for the Future, a digital rights advocacy organization, has published an open letter on its website encouraging the new members of the United States Congress to protect privacy. Dozens of companies and organizations have signed on as cosigners to the letter.

“Increasingly, clumsy, misguided legislative and regulatory actions are chilling the incredible creative power of U.S. software developers,” the letter’s authors wrote. This is despite the fact that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects code as speech, which is why many technologies to protect privacy were developed in the United States, according to the letter.

As “examples of the robust digital future you [new legislators] should foster,” the letter specifically mentioned Filecoin, ZCash, MobileCoin, and several communications protocols. The letter urged lawmakers to protect privacy rights, promote end-to-end encryption, and protect personal data.

Furthermore, the letter urged “working to identify and correct power imbalances.” “We need online spaces that are not owned or controlled by a single person, as they put user privacy at risk,” the authors explained. We require tools that empower individuals and communities to control their online experiences.”

Lia Holland, the campaigns and communications director for Fight for the Future, told Cointelegraph in a statement:

“Our objective with this letter is to sound the alarm that the previous Congress’ neglect of privacy as a human right cannot continue. […] It’s time for our legislators to stop trying to punish the open source and decentralized software developers who are giving everyday users as well as vulnerable communities like journalists, activists, abuse survivors and minorities the tools they need to protect their privacy online.”

The letter had 36 signatories at the time of writing, including industry players such as the Blockchain Association, DeFi Education Fund, Ledger, Nillion Network, Protocol Labs, and Proton. New signers are still welcome.

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